Sack the Councillors not the Workers - Update

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Mike Mouldings campaign to sack 40 Councillors in Salford comes to a sudden halt !

Within 5 minutes of the petition to sack 40 Councillors from Salford Council was published on Salfordonline the web page all of a sudden cannot be found.

The link address cannot get you to the petition page nor can you access the web page from google.

Salford Council have confirmed that a sudden technical fault has caused a problem where the page cannot be accessed but said will hopefully be resolved asap.

We will obviously keep you informed.

If you believe we should have less councillors as per previous blog be patient and the petition address remains as

unless of course for some reason Salford Council are not able to resolve the problem. Please be patient.


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Anti-Politician 07/15/2012 20:24

Deliberately removed