Sack the Councillors not the Workers !

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Michael Moulding who campaigned for a directly-elected Mayor system of local government is now campaigning for a significant reduction in the number of Councillors in Salford.

Michael Moulding who is now Deputy Leader of the Community Action Party since the campaign for a directly-elected mayor system of local government in Salford which he supported, campaigned for and was accepted by the people of Salford, is now campaigning for a significant reduction in the number of councillors in Salford.

At present the city of Salford has 60 elected councillors covering 20 wards and three councillors in each ward.

Michael Moulding believes many of the councillors we have are idle, unwanted, cost too much. Mike believes many are career politicians who have made a handsome living from doing very little in their communities, reaping the benefits at tax payers expense, Council junkets abroad, slap-up meals at Salford Civic Centre, all at taxpayers expense.

Many councillors have sat on the Council for nearly 40 years, made a mess of the city, are highly paid and we even have several husband & wife or partners as Councillors, where two lots of Councillors allowances go into the same household. A clear example of those using the electoral system to benefit themselves.

The Community Action Party is starting a campaign throughout Greater Manchester to reduce the number of councillors by two-thirds, which with the abolition of the Greater Manchester Combined Authority, will save us all a staggering fifty-two plus millions each and every year.

This means in Salford a two-thirds reduction of councillors will mean the city has 20 Councillors instead of 60 councillors, leaving one per ward.

Michael Moulding believes in times of austerity and as it is clear we have idle councillors doing nothing or very little for their communities and in times when ordinary workers are being sacked - Michael Moulding and the Community Action Party says "Sack the Councillors NOT the Workers."

Michael Moulding has calculated that by removing 40 Councillors from Salford Council's payroll through allowances, expenses and other perks the city of Salford will save in excess of £1 million pounds each and every year on this initiative alone.

Michael Moulding, Deputy Leader of the Community Action Party says "We say sack the Councillors not the workers. A significant reduction in the number of councillors we propose will save huge amounts for Salford, will mean a more streamlined local government and will result in working councillors not idle careerists who take us all for granted."

Michael Moulding also believes his campaign is also a referendum on how Salfords councillors perform. He says "I believe Salfords councillors are incompetant. They dont listen to what people really want and we now have an executive mayor that is elected by the people. He makes the decisions. If he doesnt perform we can vote him out and therefore many of the Councillors who do nothing for their communities are no longer required. We want Councillors that work hard for their communites not treat their position as some sort of part-time luxury which Salford can ill-afford. This proposal will result in hard-working councillors and thats how it should be."

The campaign by the Community Action Party is a year long campaign where activists over the next twelve months will be persuading people of the merits of a stream-lined local government and for people to sign petitions.

An online petition has been created on Salford City Council's website for people to sign address of the link below :-

All you need is an email address and follow the instructions. Alternatively, go onto their website and search petitions then epetitions or if you support the proposal email Michael Moulding giving your full name and address and confirming you support our policy of reducing Salfords councillors by two-thirds at

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