Response to Wigan Evening Post - City Status "Borough of Wigan (23/05/2013)"

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Dear Editor,
I am responding to the article written by your News Editor Charles Graham "We're a big town not the big city", (Thurs May 23rd 2013) in relation to our campaign to grant "City Status" to the Borough of Wigan.
I have initiated this campaign because I believe the Borough of Wigan deserves to have "City Status". Our party would rather have an ambitious Borough with "City Status" and all its benefits rather than a "humble" town. 
Mr Graham himself admits that city status "can attract more grant cash" - his words.
These underplayed words do go in the right direction and what better reason for the Borough of Wigan to achieve the ultimate goal of "City Status" other than to attract hundreds of millions of pounds of investment from private business and government ?
Wigan-based Community Action Party does not want Wigan to be a "small fish in a big pond" and be continually overshadowed by Manchester.
Wigan has seen no benefits whatsoever being part of the false Greater Manchester region. We want the Borough of Wigan to be completely autonomous devolving power downwards back to local communities. 
The Borough of Wigan has not even benefitted from the metrolink tram system which many Borough's in Greater Manchester have secured.
The population of Wigan, over 300,000, is the second largest in Greater Manchester, second to Manchester only. Our links to the city of Manchester, Lancashire and Merseyside and the major rail links makes Wigan ideally geographically placed to have "City Status".
Of course, cities need vibrant town centres and this can be better achieved by gaining "City Status" for the Borough of Wigan.
"City Status" boosts the local economy, attracts millions in funding, provides regeneration opportunities, brings in tourists, provides more jobs and will put Wigan on the regional, national and international stage.
Finally, Wigan's sporting prowess in rugby and football over many years, leaves me in no doubt that Wigan should be ambitious, be positive, seek that success as we do in sport and seek the ultimate goal of being a city.
Yours Sincerely
Michael Moulding, Deputy Leader, Community Action Party

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