"Remembrance - Recollections of a Wartime Childhood in Swinton." - Dorothy Tildsley

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Today, a group of us concerned about the proposals to remove the Swinton Unitarian Chapel yard burial ground which has resting 313 Swintonians including a WW1 soldier, met at the burial yard to hold a vigil.


The vigil was a marvellous occasion which a few saying a few words about the sadness of the proposals, the laying of flowers and a moments silence in respect of the deceased.


However, the highlight for me was meeting Dorothy Tildsley the author of "Remembrance - Recollections of a Wartime Childhood in Swinton".


It was an absolute privilege to meet her and her husband.


Being involved in "Save our Swinton" campaign local people brought to my attention's Dorothy's book which I hold but do not own :(     as I am told they are extremely hard to get a copy.


Reading the book as made me understand what living as a child during wartime was like in a Lancashire town and as a proud lancastrian myself learning many customs and traditions of Lancashire folk as written in Dorothy's book.


The many pictures in Dorothy's book include one of her as a child around wartime and seeing her today gave me a sense of awe in meeting someone so special to the town of Swinton who took the trouble to do a "Roll of Honour" for Swinton's war dead which the Borough of Swinton & Pendlebury officially failed to do at the time which Dorothy herself wrote in her book and describing it as "shame". A marvellous lady who took the trouble she did not only to honour Swinton's war dead the best she could but at least to try and put right a wrong in what the town officially failed to do at the time.


Now an elderly lady, Dorothy having wrote in her book about the Unitarian Church, the sunday school and the importance of church life in the community in and around Granville Street, Swinton at the time is opposed to the proposals and Dorothy was interviewed and I was privileged to have my photo taken with her.


I gave Dorothy a small plant with a message of personal thanks from me for at least giving me the pleasure and privilege of reading her book and in a way to say thank you for what she has done for Swinton, as I know many true Swintonians hold and treasure her book as a recollection and for memory purposes.


A great day and the occasions was so worthwhile and showed that those that do lay in peace are not and will not ever be forgotton.


With thanks to Dorothy Tildsley, Sue Tydd, Emma harrison and local residents, Salfordonline, Salford Advertiser. 


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lisahtlfd | employment posters 02/16/2012 09:34

Whoa, heartfelt thoughts, really loved what you said.

mikemouldingcommunity-action 02/16/2012 09:40

Its a pleasure, it was a marvellous occasion ! x

Sharon Hillman (nee Tildsley) 02/15/2012 22:00

Michael, I have read your blog with tears streaming down my face. My mum is the lady you are talking about. She is a wonderful Mum, Gran and Great Grandma. A lady who always has put 'herself last'
always provided for all her family, loved them all and been a shining example of what a great Mum should be. Thank you for your beautiful words - they mean a great deal x

mikemouldingcommunity-action 02/16/2012 00:03

It is my pleasure Sharon. Your mum is a wonderful mother and will always have an ever-lasting place in Swinton's history ! x