Recent Mud-Slinging

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I knew at some stage that my political opponents would try to drag up anything they could about myself and my political past.


I am not naive enough to think that at some stage this would not be brought out into the public domain in my recent activities in Salford by my political opponents and true to form it has. In fairness, the recent vicious attacks on myself that have been made public are probably already known by some but I am happy to defend my record.


I became a Liberal Democrat councillor in Preston and therefore being a councillor you become part of a political grouping.


To cut a long story short LOL I will do my best but here goes............


I stood against the Leader of the Preston Liberal Democrats at the time. My reasons were I had serious doubts about corruption within the party and serious doubts about the leaders integrity and character. I am not going to name him because of the severity of what happened and he has made a new life for himself, I believe elsewhere which I am going to respect.


A very important issue came up in Preston regarding the bus station in Preston. Anyone who has visited Preston will know about Preston's bus station - you either hate it or love it. As a prestonian I loved the building.


However, the Duke of Westminster called "Tithebarn Project" wanted the bus stations demolished as part of the regeneration of preston centre Centre. The bus station sits on an enormous amount of land.


Preston Council and all three political parties wanted to demolish the bus station. As a member of the Liberal Democrats at the time I didnt but my party did.


English heritage believed the Bus Station has architectural merit and initiated the procedure to have it listed as a grade two listed building. This debate was brought to a full meeting of Preston Council.


I was whipped. I broke the whip and voted for the bus station to receive grade 2 listing status. I was 1 of only 4 councillors to vote in favour (3 other independants) and myself.


My party were extremely unhappy with my stance and my debate in Council to protect one of Prestons iconic buildings.


At the same time I was under investigation by my own party. Earlier I had decided to stand against the Preston leader because I had doubts about his integrity, honesty and character in that it was clear to me the party was internally corrupt as the party had several hundred members that were fictitious in that their membership was looked after by 2 or 3 rich businessmen in the city whom happen to be of Asian origin.


They gave large donations to the Preston Liberal Democrats and in  return they had voting rights (several hundred) which they were not entitled to. I reported the matter to the North West NEC who initiated an investigation.


The investigation was headed by Sir Cyril Smith who is now deceased. Mr Smith was a Liberal Democrat in Rochdale was influential figure at that time in the North West and certainly within the Liberal Democrats.


My allegation to the party was that the Preston party was democratically corrupt and receiving large financial donations as a result. Around that time the Preston Party received a Liberal Democrat national party award for having increased its party membership so fast than any other local Liberal Democrat party !!!


I had no reason to believe I would be treated the way I was especially from what I thought to be a honourable man.


How wrong was I ?


Mr Smith went public and humiliated me saying I was a racist and a troublemaker. The report it all the headlines. It was clear I had been stitched up by my own party. I was the sacrificial lamb and looking back I was foolish to believe I would be treated fairly.


One person having several hundred votes I would describe as a "block" vote and I still do. One or two members had the privilege of block votes in a one member one vote party. It was democratically corrupt.


As a result I was expelled from the party for 5 years. This decision probably ended any political career I had at that time. I was humiliated.


As an independant I continued to try and protect our bus stations and I deliberately leaked a document that was suppose to be a confidential document which also found the Leader of preston Council to have breached members Code of Conduct in relation to the debate about Preston Bus station. Preston Council wanted to keep this document top secret.


I felt the public had a right to know that the Leader of Preston Council had broke the rules.


The bus station I am very proud to say is still standing today.


My judgement as to standing against the Leader of Preston Liberal Democrats was later found to be well founded. Soon after I was expelled the Leader of Preston Liberal Democrats was arrested, charged and pleaded guilty of downloading images of children being abused and some of them the most disgusting images you can ever imagine according to the police.


Corrupt inside the party and a disgusting individual in private. My judgements were sound.


I am NO racist. I since was employed by Lancashire Police as an equalities worker, have friends from all communities and in fact probably lost a good job because I tried to defend a work colleague who was sacked whom I believe was a result of racism towards him.


To imply that when I used the term "block" vote I meant "black" vote it totally ridiculous as to reasons to justify why I am a racist. I am not. I am anti-corruption nomatter where it exists.


This has recently been put out and dragged up by Stephen Morris from The English Democrats who up until yesterday was part of The Mayoral Alliance. (see previous blogs)


I on behalf of The Community Action Party terminated yesterday any arrangements we had with this party based on my judgement that they are a right-wing racist organisation. This does not mean that I believe Stephen or Valerie Morris of The English Democrats NW are racists. In fact, I do not believe they are as individuals. Their political party i believe the evidence is overwhelming is. This is widely accepted.


The English Democrats wanted our party to support a right-wing English democrat candidate in the Mayoral Elections as informed yesterday within The Mayoral Alliance. Our party was only prepared to work with their party as they had agreed to support a Community Action Party candidate in the mayoral Elections. This was made to clear and in fact Mr & Mrs Morris renegade on an agreement that was reached with us and it was clear that they were using the "Alliance" as a disguise for their own party political purposes..


The English Democrats NW have taken our decision very badly indeed and have now set out to try and discredit me and my previous poltical activities. I am happy to defend myself and my record.







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