Preston Bus Station

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In the year 2,000 as a Preston City Councillor, I was one of only 4 city Councillors to vote for listing of Prestons iconic bus station. At the time English Heritage recommended Grade 2 listed status to Preston Council but all three major political parties refused to accept the recommendation and therefore the bus station was not listed, as it should have been.


The bus station has architectural merit as a "brutalist" building with exceptional architectural merit, which is quite rare for a concrete structure of its era. Listing status back in 2,000 would have entitled the building to outside investment to maintain, upgrade and enhance the building, as a building with architectural merit.


In 2,000 Preston City Councillors rejected listed status for a Tithebarn Project where Grosvenor Estates wanted to buy up land in the town centre to regenerate and as Preston Bus Station sits on a huge amount of public land, Preston Council did not want the bus station listed.


The Tithebarn Project failed and over a decade later, Preston Council now say the bus station has to be demolished again because they have not got the funds to maintai it but nor will they support listing, because quite clearly, they want public land sold off to private investors.


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 The Community Action Party is opposed to the demolition of Prestons iconic Bus Station and we believe it should be listed as a Grade 2 listed building with architectural merit. - An article I wrote for the Wigan Gazette

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