Press Statement - Wigan Evening Post published 08/11/2012

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The UK wide Campaign to save "Disability Living Allowance" from being abolished and has its orgins proudly based in Wigan has reached 10,000 !
Wigan based Community Action Party that has started the UK wide campaign to save Disability Living Allowance (DLA) from being abolished will today reach 10,000 signatures on a HM Government official epetition website and is growing daily.
Central government intend to abolish Disability Living Allowance for everyone between the age of 16 years up to 64 years with Personal Independence Payments which is being rolled out from April 2013 throughout the country.
The Community Action Party has submitted the epetition because we believe :-
1) The ConDems are abolishing DLA as part of their welfare reform agenda in order to make savage cuts in welfare, which includes people living with disability or long-term/life-long illness.
2) Half a million people and many thousands in Wigan will have their current benefit stopped altogether or significantly reduced under the new system.
3) The change to DLA is about wiping BILLIONS of the DLA budget and reducing it by more than 20%.
4) As a result of the change many peoples health will deteriorate which may result in death.
Michael Moulding, Deputy Leader of the Community Action Party and who submitted the epetition says "I am pleased to say that the campaign is now UK wide and we have the support of many disability rights campaigners and groups because they support our concerns. Thousands of people support what we are trying to achieve which is to tell government that what they are doing to disabled people is wrong, unjust and is nasty. The ConDems really are the nasty government when they are attacking the most vulnerable in society."
To sign the epetition go to - "Stop the Abolition of Disability Living Allowance for Personal Independence Payments"
If the epetition reaches 100,000 signatures it will force parliament to debate the petition.

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