Press statement - From Peter Franzen (Leader of the Community Action Party)

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The Community Action Party is pleased to announce that local community campaigner Michael Moulding has been selected to stand as our candidate in Salford's first ever election for a directly-elected mayor.

Michael has worked extremely hard campaigning for a yes vote in Salford and the people have agreed.

Michael's judgement was that he believed the current Leader of Salford City Council is not up to the job and he campaigned for him to go.

The result is that from May 2012 the current Leader of Salford City Council is out of a job.

We believe that Michael Moulding, will be a tremendous asset to Salford Council.

His no nonsense approach in standing up for what we all believe in and achieving success and positive change are values that distinguish him from all the others.

Michael has nearly 30 years of public service experience, including investigating fraud in government organisations.

Whatever wrongdoing and corruption that exists in Salford Michael will root it out.

Peter Franzen said: "The Community Action Party stand on a platform of honesty and integrity in local government. We do not make promises that cannot be delivered.

"There is a mountain of waste and inefficiency in Salford and all corrupt practices will be exposed and eliminated.

"We call for the scrapping of the Association of Greater Manchester Authorities (AGMA) as it is nothing more than a talking shop and another expensive tier of government that we do not want or need.

"We will cut out all waste and inefficiency and protect the jobs and frontline public services that the people of Salford depend on.

"We will freeze all Labour/Tory/Libdem increases in Council tax and rents and will conduct an immediate review to reduce them.

"We will hold the police hierarchy to account and if they are not doing their jobs they will be sacked.

"We will stand up to housing associations and hold them to account.

"If they are not serving the interests of the people we will sack them."

Michael Moulding, from Swinton says: "I am pleased to be nominated by my party and I am extremely honoured to have received this recognition.

"I campaigned in the referendum for a yes vote because I truly believe this is the best system of local government.

"If I am successful, I promise to listen to the people of this city, deliver the changes that are required, root out inefficiency, waste and corruption".

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