Political Opportunism ? You decide ! (Asda)

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Today I held another telephone conversation with the company dealing with the Asda planning application on behalf of the owners of Swinton Precinct.


As the main contact for the landowners of the former Swinton Unitarian Church burial ground I telephoned them for two reasons today.


First, as agreed, to give them details of any descendants that make contact with me of those resting in the burial ground. As a volunteer doing this freely because I think its the right thing to do with relatives full consent, so they can be contacted in the event any remains are removed. If I wanted I could of taken the attitude not my problem so I am off to the pub instead !!!!


Secondly, I asked him whether he had made any progress about erecting a sign to inform local people it is a burial ground and he said he had not. I also informed him that out of courtesy sometime this week a few of us will be holding a brief vigil, laying some flowers to raise the profile of the burial ground and to show our respects to those that lay there, especially to Pte W L Blears a WW 1 soldier that paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.


I informed him out of courtesy and said local media may be present as the issue is of local importance to the town of Swinton.


This callous individual accused me of political opportunism. He then said "Well, it the first time in 20 years" referring to the fact that he says the land is not respected and my benefit of the doubt I gave this man in view of the fact that he had a job to do was completely wiped away.


Putting it simply this moron wants to dig up/ remove describe it in anyway you want over 300 Swintonians including a WW1 soldier for MONEY !!!!


Political opportunism ???? As a person who tries to uphold the highest moral standards and because I care, I do not call it political opportunism, I call it having moral respect for our deceased.


What a horrible man. Is that what money does to some people ?  

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