Poets Estate, Swinton

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For many months I have delivered tens of thousands of leaflets all over Swinton and elsewhere and this includes my visits to the Poets Estate.


The Poets Estate is an estate of Council Homes managed by Salix Homes, a subsidiary of Salford Council. The one place I love to deliver is the Poets. All the streets and roads are named after world famous poets.


In my enjoyment in delivering here is also a sense of sadness but one of hope. The residents here need someone who is going to fight for them. Their housing conditions provided by Salford Council are just appalling. The residents were promised that homes would be brought up to the Decent Homes standard and this work would start in 2011, only for this work to be scrapped and that same money reallocated to be spent on improving homes in real Salford. This meant that much needed improvements to homes on the Poets have been delayed once again and one wonders whether in fact, whether their homes will ever be brought up to The Decents Homes Standard as the government and the Council forever promises.


Some of the homes on this estate are so bad that they are sinking and settled as the estate sits on former mines, which has meant in some cases serious structural problems to some of these homes, but safe to live in.


We all deserve to have as good a quality of life as possible and this includes the residents of the poets, whom I believe have been abandoned by those in power who these people have constantly put their faith in. The people of the poets Estate need a voice to help turn the estate into an estate where people want to live, where they have a voice and their homes and as a result their quality of lives are improved by having better homes which they deserve nothing less. It is shameful in these circumstances that Salford Council increased their rents by a staggering nearly 8% this year whilst the quality of their homes shows no sign of any improvement. Shame on Salford City Council.


In solidarity with the residents of the Poets I thought it fitting to write a poem in solidarity with the people of the Poets Estate in Swinton as follows :-


"Shakespeare, Wordsworth,

Upgrading due.

Shelley, Tennyson

and others too !

Roads named after

Poets of Note.

What Salix told tenants

Kinda stick's in their throats !

No new kitchens yet,

No new bath's.

Sunken Houses,

Walls with Cracks !

You'll have to wait

For many years.

We've done the maths

Sorry mi dear's !

A Labour Council,

so unfair !

Cut backs, cut backs, everywhere !

Rent increases, who's to care ?

Only the people living there !"


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