Please respect our bygone Swintonians !!

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Many of you would have probably seen me walking miles and miles around Swinton delivering my leaflets keeping local people informed.


On my travels when going through Swinton centre I notice that despite signs at St Peters Church which clearly tells people politely that their grounds are burial grounds "Please use the footpaths provided" some people walk over the grassed grounds without a care in the world.


In fact, I have witnessed Salford Council workers walking over the grounds, young people, teenagers and rarely if ever I saw an elderly person show disrespect. I have not.


Then in my conversations with GVA the developer for the Asda store on Swinton precinct, as though it was an excuse to support the removal of the burial ground at the former Swinton Unitarian Church I get told that the land is not respected now anyway because it is used as a dog toilet.


To be honest, again on my travels unfortunately I have to agree with him because to my dismay I have indeed witnessed the land being used for such a purpose.


I can understand at the burial ground on Swinton Hall Rd some people not realising the land is a burial ground containing the resting place of bygone Swintonians because unless you are of an age that you remember Swinton's history or if you moved into Swinton you may not realise this fact.


I am sure some that walk through the St Peters Church burial ground, am sure if they thought about their actions would take more care and use the footpaths provided.


I think its really important and a mark of our town that we pay respects to bygone Swintonians that lay in these grounds by taking care on how we use the land.


This is something I will be promoting in my next leaflet. 

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