Parliamentary reorganisation of boundaries.

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The Boundary Commission for England & Wales has been given the task of reorganising the parliamentary boundaries to reduce the number of MP's in parliament. Therefore, each and every constituency is being looked at.


Currently, Swinton & Pendlebury is in the "Salford & Eccles" constituency. Our current MP representing Salford & Eccles is Hazel Blears.


Having had to reorganise the boundaries the commission have proposed the setting up of a Swinton constituency. The Salford & Eccles constituency will be abolished.


The Salford Labour Party have objected to the abolition of the Salford & Eccles constituency. They say that millions of pounds of investment has come into the city as a result of having this constituency and member of parliament.


Salford Labour say that abolishing Salford from the political map at Westminster will have a devastating impact on our city.


I am asking myself what does a member of parliament do ?


They represent and support their constituents. Bring investment, jobs & prosperity to their area and much more. Hazel Blears says herself that millions of pounds of investment has come to the city of Salford in recent years. Their concern is that not having a MP representing Salford will put all this at risk ?


The Boundary Commission have proposed a Swinton constituency. This new constituency incorporates the majority of the city of Salford but would be named Swinton.


This new constituency would have its own MP and still could be Hazel Blears after the 2015 general election. So would any new MP for the new constituency still not be able to bring much needed investment and prosperity to our city simply because we are called Swinton rather than Salford ? Of course they would !


In 1974 Swinton Town Council was abolished and the town of Swinton was incorporated into the city of Salford. Many Swintonians were dismayed by this act and many even today as mentioned in a recent edition of the Salford Advertiser believe Swinton is a town in its own right, regard themselves as Swintonian, Lancastrian and not Salfordonian.


Since then and as the years have gone by, young people born in Swinton especially, relate themselves to being Salfordonian. Nothing wrong with that.


Your identity is what you want it to be. You black, white, dual heritage, mixed race, Swintonian, Salfordonian, Lancastrian, English, British, Scottish, Welsh, Pakistani British and you can go on and on and on.


Whatever your identity, celebrate it, be proud of it and stand by it. They all should be celebrated and respected.


Why is this important in the discussions of parliamentary boundaries at Westminster ?


Swinton was incorporated into the city of Salford in 1974. Before then Swinton was a town in its own right and many Swintonians if not all were proud of this fact. many became disillusioned when this no longer was the case. Indeed, even today many still regard Swinton as a town in its own right.


Many Salfordonians are dismayed that the Salford & Eccles constituency is being abolished hence an attack on their identity. But what right have they to force an identity of Salfordonian on those who do not want it and what right has anyone to think that somehow Salford is more superior than Swinton ?


Swinton Town Council was abolished in 1974. Even today at present the constituency representing and including Swinton in parliament at Westminster is the Salford & Eccles constituency ??? Why no Swinton ? Isnt Eccles in the city of Salford too ?


After speaking to many prous Swintonians, some very elderly and listened carefully to their stories I have acquired significant empathy with the people of Swinton who I believe have had their identities attacked for far too long and still today continues to be so. I think this is wrong.


The economic benefits of Swinton having its own member of parliament shouting up for our towns interests would be massive. Jobs would come our way where as at present too much resources are allocated to "old" salford at local townships like Swinton detriment.


The Boundary Commission have recommended this and there is a massive campaign to stop this. Another attack on the identity of those that want to remain Swintonian.


If you support the setting up of a Swinton constituency write to Boundary Commission for England, 35 Great Smith Street, London, SW1P 3BQ or have your say @


I support a Swinton constituency which represents the majority of the city of Salford as proposed by the Boundary Commission.


I have formed this analysis by liaising with many residents in SWinton through my campaigns. I have lived in Swinton for over 6 years and will probably stay here for the rest of my life. I love Swinton. I am a proud Prestonian too which makes me Lancastrian. 



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Lesley boardman 11/02/2011 18:16

Well done Mike....sick of seeing the Swinton name removed from our town and replaced.....

mikemouldingcommunity-action 11/23/2011 13:40

Thanks Lesley....fighting the good fight ! x