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The Community Action Party's radical policies for Salford !

Your Community Action Party team in Salford promise to :-

1) Review the cities association and seek the abolition of the Association of Greater Manchester Authorities (AGMA) as another expensive tier of government we don't need or want.
2) Look at ways of reducing the amount of Council Tax you pay.
3) Review Salford's public transport to end the monopoly of First Buses in our city to ensure bus fares and costs are brought down for bus users.
4) Expose all political Fraudsters.
5) Remove waste, inefficiency and corrupt practises to save money and lower bills.
6) Equalise spending throughout the whole city so that all area's benefit from Council spending equally.
7) Stop increases in Council house rents and look at ways of reducing rents. Stand up to City West Housing trust to make it clear their extortionate rent increases are NOT acceptable and all measures will be taken to ensure they comply.
8) Zero-tolerence to crime and anti-social behaviour. We believe not enough is being done to combat this and we will stand up to the police to ensure our city, its residents and visitors are as safe as possible.
9) Support the setting up of a Swinton & Eccles and a separate Salford constituency.
10) We will cherish and protect all Salford's heritage and stop its destruction.
11)Review the city Council's Allotment's Strategy so that no-one in the city has to wait for an allotment plot for more than 12 months.
12) Stop the invasion of more supermarkets where they are not needed which affect small businesses in our city.
13) Work with government to bring in jobs and investment which benefit the whole city including outer townships of Swinton, Eccles, Worsley, Irlam and others.
14) Stop the costly destruction of "real" Salford and protect all Salford's heritage.
15) Review the Chapel Street FIASCO !
16) Review local community committee's to give them more powers so that local area's are able to make more decisions at a local level and spend more of your Council Tax in your area.
17) Protect essential frontline services including care for the elderly.
18) Protect our libraries, parks, Open spaces and other leisure amenities.
19) Build more affordable social housing to help meet Salford's housing crisis and reduce homelessness in the city.
20) We will use our skills and experiences to ensure those residents that need our help with housing, benefits, debt, anti-social behaviour get their entitlements.
21) Adopt an anti-poverty strategy where all Council services are affordable and are accessible to those on low incomes.
22) All our elected representatives will hold weekly surgeries including a Community Action Party Mayor for Salford.

Michael Moulding, Community Action Party candidate for Salford Mayor states "We have a set of radical policies we will pursue. Council Tax is too high and we will look to reduce it by removing waste, inefficiency and corrupt practises. Rents are too high and we will not tolerate Salford residents being ripped off. First Buses monopoly in the city will come to an end. We believe they are an inefficient and costly service. We will oppose and seek to abolish the Association of Greater manchester Authorities as another expensive tier of government we do not need nor want. Salford taxes, Salford decisions for Salford jobs for Salford people."

Mike continues "We want our city to be as green as possible even in urban districts and will create more allotments sites where there is a need. We believe in a zero-tolerence to crime and anti-social behaviour and we believe the police are not doing enough to combat this. We will stop the destruction of Salford's heritage and preserve it. We will ensure all our vulnerable are looked after and all our elected representaives will hold weekly surgeries. There is so much more we can do and we intend to do it given the chance!" END. 

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Anti-Politician 04/05/2012 22:33

Council tax MUST be slashed . It is extortion . We are being ripped-off by the Civic Hall Gangsters . Why should Spicer get £232,000.00 p.a. ? Sack her . By making the Civic Centre efficient , and
accounting for every penny in expenditure , vast savings will be made .