Open letter to Councillor Howard Balkind

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Dear Councillor Balkind,


I have noted your considerable absence recently from the Salford Community Website Salfordonline and therefore I have been unable to communicate with you.


I therefore wanted to inform you of changes in the the campaign to save the former Swinton Unitarian Burial Ground.


For information, I have put a copy of my email on the community website Salfordonline for everyone to see that I have in fact attempted to make contact with you.


The Community Action Party has now withdrawn from the campaign to save the burial ground. Our reasons can be found at


However, I wanted to let you know because I have received a copy of a text message confirming to campaigners that you intend to ask Salford City Council at its next full meeting, which is confirmed as being 18th July 2012, to refer the Asda Planning Application back to the Planning Panel for reconsideration.


The Community Action Party are still opposed to the removal of the burial ground but we have accepted our limitations on this matter. I can confirm that in the event I was a member of Salford Council I would be requesting the matter is referred back or failing that, that a motion is moved or an amendment that Salford Council reopens negotiations with Asda supermarkets to ensure preservation of the burial ground.


The Community Action Party will fully support your endeavours on this matter. Some families affected were informed of your promises and we look forward to you keeping to them.


In the event you are successful in your request to persuade your own Labour colleagues to act and agree to your request, the Community Action Party will not seek political advantage in the event the burial ground is saved, even though it is our party that has brought significant improvements for the rights of the families and the deceased and brought this matter to the publics attention.


However, we do reserve the right in the event you not do keep to your promise to provide information to your electorate about false hope you have given to campaigners and families affected.


Many thanks for reading this email.


Yours Sincerely


Michael Moulding, Deputy Leader, Community Action Party 

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Anti-Politician 07/15/2012 10:55

Very well said , mike .

mikemouldingcommunity-action 07/18/2012 15:26