My written response as a SWinton resident to The Boundary Commission supporting a Swinton constituency !

Published on by mikemouldingcommunity-action

I support the setting up of a Swinton constituency. It should be named Swinton & Eccles. I support the setting up of a Manchester Central constituency which should be called Manchester & Salford Central constituency. Please do not impose on the people of Swinton an identity many do not relate to ie Salford. Many residents from Swinton born before 1974 do not regard themselves as from or living in Salford. The economic benefits of Swinton having an MP would be beneficial to the town and put Swinton back on the map. Do not give in to the vociferous save Salford campaign to help save Hazel Blears and her job which is at risk and what their campaign is about.

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