My Salford Star Mayoral Challenge !

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1. When did you last shop on Salford Precinct? Was it a fun experience?
I last shopped on Salford Precinct two weeks ago and very much so because I bought some bulbs from Wilkinsons. I love gardening so I love buying gardening products.
2. Would you change Salford Council’s current plans for its affordable housing strategy?
I would review the strategy to ensure we are building enough affordable housing and the percentage of new social housing is an adequate provision to house Salford families, alleviate Salford's housing crisis, reduce homelessness, increase the number of rented cheap affordable housing and to create jobs. If it was changed it will be to increase numbers of new homes.
3. What colour shirts do Salford City FC play in? What colour shirts do Irlam FC play in? Have you ever been to watch either team?
No idea, no idea and no never been. I could cheat by google but I am being honest !
4. What are your views on Buile Hill Mansion?
A beautiful building that should be available to the whole of Salford.
5. If elected Mayor will you save the cranes?
Absolutely YES !
6. If elected Mayor what salary would you take?
I understand I am entitled to receive up to £100,000 PA in law that is allowed. I will ask for no more than £35,000 PA meaning a saving of £65,000 PA !
7. If elected Mayor who would you appoint as your three closest Cabinet members? What salaries would they take?
I understand they have to be elected councillors so this is a difficult one to answer. However, I guarantee they will not be remunerated other than their Councillor allowance and reimburse genuine expenses involved with their cabinet role.
8. If elected Mayor how would you improve transparency in the Council?
More Council decisions in public. Rearrange Council meetings to make it easier for the public to attend ie evening & weekend meetings. Invitation sent to schools and colleges for our young people to get involved. I have guaranteed that my door is open and I will be holding weekly surgeries if I am mayor. I will be a working Mayor.
9. Peel Holdings are `a necessary evil’/`just pure evil’/ `a wonderful, wonderful company’ – which of these statements is closest to your views?
What about "an unnecessary evil ?" IE They will be treated no differently under my stewardship than any other organisation. Salford first, Salford last. They can like it or lump it !
10.  Should Barbara Spicer stay or go if you are elected Mayor?
On £200,000 PA ? Go !
11.  How would you cope with a probable two thirds Labour majority constantly blocking your plans, unless you are in the Labour Party of course?
I will stand up to them, take them on and argue the case. I will campaign in their heartlands for what I believe is right ! Take the fight to them.
12.  What are your views on Media City?
Its Salford & not Manchester ! get use to it !
13.  How would you hold yourself up for account if elected Mayor?
My door will always be open. Besides my weekly surgeries I am happy to hold monthly press briefings. Ask me any questions you want !
14.  What’s your most dastardly plan for Salford if elected?
If I could return the city to the County of Lancashire ! Its where the city belongs ! Forget Greater Manchester its false !
15.  How important are Salford’s green spaces– would you fight to save them from developers?
My green credentials are second to none ! YES, YES and YES!
16.  Should Sukai stay?
Absolutely YES and I will do all I can to help.
17.  What were the causes of last year’s Salford riots? What sentence would you have given to the little old ladies nicking food from Lidl?
Criminality pure and simple. Hopefully my anti-poverty strategy for the city will mean that these ladies will not need to steal. If they are hungry I will help them.
18.  What do you think of the Salford NDC’s `succession strategy’?
Have not briefed myself with it but will do !
19.  Is Eccles dead?
Not yet, but if this council has its way it soon will be !
20.  Should ASDA be built on Swinton Precinct?
Over 313 resting souls including a World War 1 soldier who sacrificed his life including victims of the 1885 Clifton Pit Disaster or to have them dug up for Asda ? Over my dead body !
A shameful and disgraceful way to treat those resting in peace !
21.  Are too many of Salford Council’s decisions made in secret under `Part 2’? If elected how would you change this?
YES - Look at the procedures preventing disclosure to ensure more decisions are publicly available and I have been known to leak a document or two. Dont believe me ? Google  LEP Mick Moulding - "I am the mole"
22. Should the Salford Star be back in print – if you agree, how would you help sort this?
Absolutely so you can take the "Michael" out of me ! No problem !   Will do all I can to help.
23.  Is poverty the root of all Salford’s problems?
YES and lack of a decent education.
24.  Were the `upside down’ houses in Chimney Pot Park good for Seedley and Langworthy?
No because the original houses should never have been knocked down in the first place. But they look different. I like them.
25.  Are plans for the Higher Kersal lake good or bad?
Any created habitat is good even if its not natural.
26. What are your views on trade unions?
Absolutely necessary to protect workers rights and employment. Been a member of Unite, Unison and PCS.
27. Are too many of Salford’s resources being poured into projects like Chapel Street, Media City, Greengate, Salford Reds etc?
Absolutely YES ! The latter Salford Labour's cronyism at its worst !
28. Would you go to jail to defend a principal in support of Salford?
Yes I would and I have come close a few times.
29.  Do developers currently control Salford?
Their money does and snouts in the trough and all that ! "Exposing Political Fraudsters ?
30.  Do you agree that anyone who says `Vote For Me!’ is an arrogant, careerist egotist who’s not worth voting for? Are you a power crazed tosser?
Its depends who it is. I dont want the power for myself I just want to be able to help as many people as I can

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Anti-Politician 04/21/2012 15:58

£ 35,000 is a reasonable enough salary . Only the greedy would expect more , as would the LAB/LIB/CON wasters . Mike , how will you halve council tax from the current obscene level ? This is an
essential requirement for the shafted council tax payers .

Anti-Politician 04/21/2012 15:50

Very impressive ...Well done...Thanks , Mike

Brian Francis Kirkham 04/15/2012 02:09

Michael, in regards to the q. on Peel Holdings

I'd rephrase it in light that on Most Public Projects (on either side of the canal - I'm taking no prisoners here!)
Peel, being the land owner or "Developer" normally has a finger in the pie somewhere

So...Peel Holdings? Value for Money? YES OR NO?

You Decide

mikemouldingcommunity-action 04/15/2012 12:49

Its a fair point Brian but they genuinely would not be treated any differently. If they had a good idea for Salford then of course that would be welcomed but not at any cost if you know what I mean
? I am not against Peel but we certainly should not let them rule the roost.