My personal thoughts of being accused of being a racist !

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My political opponents are accusing me of being a racist (see my previous blog "Recent Mud-Slinging) and I have explained what happened in preston at that time that resulted in this false allegation being brought against me.


But just because one man labelled me a racist does that mean I am ? Does this give others the right to say I am a racist because one other person many years ago decided in his view I was when clearly as I have already demonstrated in my previous blog to accuse me of being a racist simply because he decided that a word I had used to describe "block" votes he says I really meant "black" votes to describe Asian businessmen who were corrupt and supporting a corrupt Preston Liberal Democrat Leader.


My judgement was sound because as I have already demonstrated in the same previous blog this person whom I tried to get the party to sort out, but failed, and in fact my party at that time made me the scapegoat to protect their vested and party political interests made me a scapegoat and labelled me a racist.


And so the English Democrats NW led by the vicious Stephen Morris & Valerie Morris from Unsworth in Bury because I terminated my parties arrangement to their utter dismay have dredged something up from my political past which was false then and is false now.


The sad thing is that I thought they were more intelligent than to accept that one man was judge & jury and therefore if this person says I am a racist then it must be true ! They cannot. The law is clear. Because someone says I am something doesnt mean that I am and they will have to justify the fact that Mr & Mrs Morris themselves have gone public and they have now accused me of being a racist using the ridiculous evidence above which any lay person reading the article will know is just plain ludicrous.


I am left with the dilemma of taking legal action which I know I would win because of my proud record on equalities issues but if I do it could result in the financial ruin of the two persons concerned. I will be seeing a solicitor on Monday and consider the matters from then.


But what the English Democrat party are doing is trying to deflect the allegations directed at their party as being known as a far-right racist party which supports members like Steve Uncles who it is alleged has been influential in attracting ex-BNP members and deflect their extremism onto myself here in this city by raking up a false allegation aimed at me from my past. They will fail and I will defend my integrity.


The sad thing for me about being labelled a racist wrongly is really upsetting. It upset me all them years ago and it upsets me now. Many would just brush it off and say so what or some may be proud of the fact they are and some just dont realise whther they are or not. But I am NO racist.


How can I be when I have supported and assisted people from all sections of the community in my professional life ? Was employed by Lancashire Police as an equalities worker following the Stephen Lawrence Enquiry and was elected and supported for many years year after year the Secretary of the Frenchwood Allotments Association in Preston whose the majority of members were Asian, black, Jamaican and from origins all over the world ? Frenchwood in Preston is an area that has probably the most diverse communties in the city.


In fact, the ludicrous thing is that "black" is not even a racist term. I have many black friends who regard themselves as black, who are black and proud they are black. Asian people are not black, as I understand but you are what you are so its not for me to decide. I am white but I could describe myself as pink !!! 


So from a human point of view to be labelled a racist when I am not is disgusting and extremely hurtful. The sad thing is the viciousness of the individuals to rake this up from a dead man who cannot explain his decision because am sure he would have great difficulty and a politician in the Preston party who was corrupt inside the party and disgusting in private (see my previous blog) who has now made a new life for himself after serving his punishment, my judgement was sound and my judgement was right.


I will continue to try and respect a dead many who made these false accusations if he in fact deserves any respect from me and try to respect the fact that the corrupt and disgusting leader of the Preston Lib Dems at that time has made a new life for himself but first and foremost I will not do this if it means that my integrity and character is called into question with these false accusations.


I have tried to make it clear to those who are now intent in trying to discredit the good work I am doing in Swinton & Salford who are using this for their own party political interest but it really does show what sort of vicious and horrible people we are dealing with.

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Jon Snelling 04/22/2012 15:17

Michael. The behaviour of Mr and Mrs Morris has been extremely bizarre of late. Until recently, they were regarded as two of the few remaining leading moderate and sensible voices in the English

Now we have them:

1 publicly calling you a racist on flimsy evidence from an old, disputed story while their party is fielding over 40 recent BNP members among its total of just over 100 candidates, and has other
candidates who are well known for making racist comments online - and one who is now being monitored for allowing and approving pro-Brevik comments on his Facebook page.

2 making absurd claims that they can cut Salford's council tax by 50% - way above what anyone has ever achieved anywhere and totally unbelievable.

3 accusing the Salford Labour Party and Postal Unions of extremely serious electoral abuse - if they are right, I hope the police are on the case - if they are wrong I hope they are ready to get
sued for a fortune.

I used to talk to them occasionally online and thought they were reasonable people, but I am very concerned at what seems to have happened to them.

They put as much effort as anyone into the referendum for a Salford mayor and it is quite sad that their campaign has turned into such a farce.

Jon Snelling

john shale 02/03/2012 13:20

You have no choice but to seek damages and to get maximum publicity, when you win. Unfortunately it means that neither you nor your accusers stand any chance in this May's elections, because
Labour, at least, will repeat that you have been accused of Racism and it will be enough to lose you votes and encourage Labour voters to turn out in bigger numbers.
Labour loves being given a chance to use the racism card and, I suspect, actively encourages BNP and Eg.Dem. candidates to stand against them.