My activities in Swinton & Pendlebury

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Castleway - On behalf of residents I am making enquiries about having the low rise blocks fenced off to help prevent anti-social behaviour.


Sefton Rd - On a recent visit I counted over 30 potholes in the street which I reported to Salford City Council. Also, residents have informed me about parking problems relating to Swinton High School and an unused playground which I have written to the school to see if they are prepared to convert this unused land into a car park for their staff.


Melbourne Drive - Has reported the huge pothole to Salford City Council.


Malcolm Drive - is trying to get Salford City Council to relay uneven flagstones for an elderly resident who is concerned about this.


Anti-social behaviour - is helping residents on Wyndham Avenue, Melbourne Drive, Malcolm Avenue, Grosvenor St, Delamere Ave deal with problems associated with anti-social behaviour.


Wyndham Avenue - has personally taken on anti-social louts in Wyndham Avenue and City West Housing Trust to help the area return to its once peaceful self ! Anti-social louts have been evicted, moved and imprisoned as a result of the work I did !


Deans Rd - is dealing with parking problems on Deans Rd on behalf of residents and has contacted Salford City Council about the problem. Also, dealing with issues around the recently laid speed humps which do not do the job intended to see if modifications can be made.


Partington Rd - Dealing with traffic problems on this road and in liaison with Salford City Council.


Redecorating vouchers - has been responsible for helping get about 30 residents redecorating vouchers as a result of work done by City West Housing Trust.


City West Housing Trust - is currently representing many residents with various housing issues to do with this organisation.


Allotments - is currently campaigning for more allotments in City of Salford as waiting times too long and not enough allotments. epetition @


City West Housing Trust - Rents & Service charges - is currently campaigning for a NIL increase in rents & service charges for 2012. Sign the epetition @


Queensmere Dam - is helping anglers combat anti-social behaviour around the dam.


Buy Local - is encouraging local residents to support local businesses and buy local !

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