Monday 1st August 2011

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My day started getting up to be at Salford City Council for 8.30 am as I needed to check the electoral register to get the name of the City West employee that threatened me when delivering leaflets last Friday for The Community Action Party.


At 9.00 am I represented two residents at SWinton Police station who made complaints in relation to matters relating to City West Housing Trust employees. Due to the nature of the complaints I cannot disclose anything at this stage other than to say that the police really did not like my presence ! The meeting went well and the residents were happy.


At 10.30 am met the Save Lancaster House campaign team and joined them on the march and rally outside Swinton Civic centre. What a privilege to be present and help fight for a worthy cause ! A great team and bunch of lads who have done so well in their cause. I wish them well ! Because of this I have ended up very briefly on Granada Reports and other media.


At 1.30 pm I formally requesting from Salford City Council the hospitality declarations for Councillors Bill Hinds and Derek Antrobus and all will be revealed soon !


At 3.00 pm I met the Chief Executive of City West Housing Trust Tim Doyle at the Monton House Hotel and their two biased so-called independant customers who are being used for their own benefit and formally informed them that they have breached The Human Rights Act 1998 articles 9, 10, 11 and 14 in its dealings with me and to their astonishment walked out after a formal request to adjourn the hearing and complained about the incident last Friday when I was threatened exercising my human rights of free speech !


At 6.00 pm I met at his request Mr Birg who has triggered a referendum in Salford to be held in the next 6 months for the city to have a directly elected mayor and have agreed on behalf of The Community Action Party that I will join the YES campaign.


Got FULL agreement that the BNP will not form an official part of the YES campaign.



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