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Ian Stewart Exposed !

Michael Moulding Community Action Party Mayoral Candidate for Salford brings to the attention of Salford People the track record of Ian Stewart (Labour Mayoral Candidate for Salford) when in office as an MP for Eccles.

Ian Stewart as one of the cities MP's for Salford voted enthusiastically for the illegal Iraq War which resulted in the death of over 1 million people including hundreds of British Soldiers plus hundreds of thousands maimed, more than 4 million internal displaced people and/or refugee's.

Ian Stewart also enthusiastically voted against an investigation into the illegal Iraq War which would have established that Members of Parliament had taken the country to War based on a pack of lies.

Michael Moulding says "The Community Action Party from the outset have always been against the illegal Iraq War. Ian Stewart's voting record demonstrates his real position regarding human rights." END


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