Mike Moulding slams the racist BNP and the BBC Live on Air !

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The Community Action Party candidate for Salford Mayor Michael Moulding slams the racist BNP and also slams the BBC for taking an exhorbitant amount of Salford's tax money for little return !

The Community Action Party candidate for Salford Mayor Michael Moulding live on the Mayoral Debate at BBC Media City UK at the BBC Philamonic Studio, with other Mayoral candidates except Labour's Ian Stewart who found a pathetic excuse not to attend slammed the racist BNP for implying that ethnic minorities were priority of Salford's Housing register.

It was clear the racist BNP were predominant in the meeting and early in the debate one of their members implied that immigrants referring to ethnic minorities were given priority on Salford's Housing Register.

Immediately, Michael Moulding without hesitation slammed the outragious remarks as being untrue and the politics of prejudice and discrimination. Michael Moulding correctly pointed out that the perception that immigrants were treated preferentially was because of a housing crisis which is well known in Salford. Other Mayoral candidates backed up Michael Moulding and the barrage of abuse from the racist BNP because of Mike's stance against prejudice and discrimination.

Michael Moulding, the Community Action Party candidate for Salford mayor says "No sooner do the racist BNP get the opportunity to spout the politics of prejudice and discrimination they do so. However, the politics of prejudice and discrimination has to be challenged not unchallenged. I had the guts to stand up to it as did other candidates and we were abused as a result. This sort of conduct even if you are being bullied has to be challenged or society as we know it will suffer as a result."

The debate continued. Michael Moulding brought up that miilions of Salford's Tax money had been spent down Media City Uk. Michael Moulding used the example of 20 millions of our money spent on the BBC Philamonic Orchestra as an example next to one of the most deprived districts in the UK ie Ordsall.

Mike correctly pointed out that other millions had been spent and he believes that Salford has not received value for this tens of millions in that only 6 months ago it was revealed Salford benefitted to the tune of only 26 jobs, 10 of which were at a minimum wage.

Michael Moulding says "A few may have been unhappy with my answer but the reality is you cannot have a Council who is hundreds of millions in debt giving away tens of millions of our tax money which it simply does not have to pay for the BBC Philamonic next door to the most deprived district in the united Kingdom in a year which resulted in the Salford riots and one of the most henious crimes ever committed in Salford. Its a fine example where Salford's social deprivation has been left to prioritise grand schemes with millions that could have made a real difference to Salford's families."

The meeting finsished with a good question about Salford's reputation which is one of the reasons why Michael Moulding campaigned for a directly-elected Mayor. MIke finished by saying he would introduce the politics of compassion ie meaning over austerity.

Mike Moulding stated that he would redivert Salford's spending from grand schemes we do not need ie BBC Philamonic to combatting anti-poverty city-wide where resources where used to lift Salford families out of poverty which in turn would aid community cohesion and bring a sense of pride back into the city.

Michael Moulding, the Community Action Party candidate for Salford mayor says "Its the politics of compassion. Henious killings, prejudice, hate crimes and riots will continue unless we tackle the social deprivation that exists in Salford and we implement a zero-tolerance to crime and anti-social behaviour. Also, the vicious and vindictive lies that have been circulating about me have been well and truly put to bed live on BBC Radio. The reverse psychology of my opponents has disastrously failed and it is their extremism that will now come to the fore. Racism, prejudice and discrimination has no place in Salford"

In slamming the BBC for taking Salford's tens of millions which we could not afford the BBC at the end of the debate said that they apparently now have 200 employee's on their books with a Salford post code. Mike Moulding says "How many Londoners ?"

Michael Moulding pictured right.


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Jeff 04/27/2012 12:56

I was there last night, i do recall the housing issue raised, and i do recall most of the people there was supportive and in agreement with the bnp very worrying, unsure what way to vote?

CAP poss

mikemouldingcommunity-action 04/27/2012 22:36

Thanks for your comment Jeff. Their view is based on prejudice. There is a housing crisis not only in Salford but in the UK. To blame the Housing Crisis on immigrants/ethnic minorities is
wrong. What we need to do is build more Social Housing so that all our residents can be rehoused. I have worked in housing/homelessness for over a decade and no-one is allocated housing based on
the ethnic origin. It would be illegal. However, I do agree there is a perception they are given priority and that is not the same as fact. As Mayor having been responsible for helping thousands
of homeless people I know all to well how homelessness affects people and therefore building more affordable homes will be one of my priorities. Thanks for commenting jeff ! Best wishes Mike