Mike Moulding is interviewed by Salfordonline's Tom Rodgers !

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The Community Action Party candidate for Salford Mayor Mike Moulding is interviewed by Tom Rodger's from Salfordonline !

On Tuesday 24th April 2012 the Community Action Party candidate for Salford mayor Michael Moulding is interviewed by Tom Rodger's Salfordonline.

Mike Moulding says "I would like to thank Tom Rodgers and Salfordonline for agreeing to interview myself and the fact that they have interviewed or offered to interview all other candidates barring the BNP candidate. Having a proud record on Equalities issues I fully support the responsible way in which Salfordonline did not allow their resources to be used to promote prejudice and discrimination. Well done !"

The Community Action Party is the only party in these elections that have a full set of policies that we would like to implement that are specific to Salford. No other party has the specific policies as outlined as we do.

The themes of the interview concentrated on three area's of policy which the Community Action Party are going to pursue in the event we are elected.

1) The Community Action Party will review Salford's association with the Greater Manchester Combined Authority (formerly Association of Greater Manchester Authorities) and we will seek its abolition as an expensive tier of government we do not need nor do we want.

The Community Action Party will seek powers back to Salford for example Salford's Public Transport's systems & management and we will remove powers from the Authority that allows the Quango to impose further legislation on Salford businesses for example any moves to impose a minimum pricing policy on alcohol.

We will use our membership of the body to seek its abolition. The Community Action Party wants Salford's resources to be used for Salford people and Salford Communities to create jobs in Salford.

Mike Moulding says "In times of austerity by central government every penny Salford has should be spent in making Salford a better city."

2) Cheaper & Free Public Transport in Salford and to campaign for free public transport in Greater Manchester.

The Community Action Party in Salford believes Salford is getting a raw deal in public transport. Salford's main public transport bus provider has increased costs in recent years to levels which are completely unacceptable whilst at the same time this company is making several hundreds millions in profit every year.

The level of service provided by this operator many believe is appalling where services are frequently late and coupled with high costs we believe public transport in Salford needs to change.

The Community Action Party want cheaper public transport in Salford and we also want free travel for all on certain routes.

We will look at introducing free circular routes in Salford and look at introducing other routes that serve the best interests of Salford People.

A Community Action Party Mayor will immediately commence negotiations with Salford's main bus provider to make it clear their costs are too high and need to be brought down and in the event they do not heed our concerns and bring costs down we will immediately commence negotiations with other operators with a view to incentivise other operators to provide services in Salford so that the cost of public transport comes down in Salford.

Mike Moulding says "I believe Salford People are being ripped of by First buses. They are an expensive and incompetant service provider and if I am elected as Mayor I will do something about it."

3) The Community Action Party will immediately introduce an Anti-Poverty Strategy.

The aims of the strategy will be to aspire to a poverty-free city. We believe a poverty-free city means a wealthier Salford where those who are in poverty are lifted out of poverty which means they have more money in their pockets to spend in Salford's businesses.

The Community Action Party Mayor will immediately authorise officer's to develop a strategy to get an up to date analysis of poverty in Salford, the causes and develop action plan's to help lift as many people and Salford families out of poverty.

This means resources that are being spent on schemes that we do not want being diverted to combat povery and lift Salford families out of poverty.

Council services will be developed to ensure those in poverty have full access to Council services. Essential front-line services would be invested in for example - the development of a first-class welfare rights service where the Council invests resources to ensure every penny that is entitled to come into Salford, into Salford's families does so.

There are other ways to help lift people out of poverty for example providing opportunities to young people, training and education. Affordable rents, homelessness & housing services and the creation of new job opportunites for Salford people.

Mike Moulding says "A first class welfare system in Salford will pay for itself. We have to combat the government's austerity wiith first-class welfare services that brings back entitlements to Salford's families."

"We all know that millions get unclaimed every year or that many get their entitlements stopped through no fault of their own. The money that would be brought back to Salford would clearly outway the cost of providing a first-class welfare system in Salford."

"Why cant we say that Salford Council in any new job opportunities say if you live in Salford you take priority over someone that does not ? If you have two people with the same abilities, should criterion that you live in Salford should take priority. We say it should."

"All Council services should be affordable and accessible to everyone on low-incomes."

Mike Moulding the Community Action Party candidate for Salford Mayor says "We fundamentality believe that a poverty-free city is something we should aim for. We may never achieve it but the more people that are lifted out of poverty the more money that is spent in Salford's businesses. Its the politics of compassion over austerity. A Poverty-Free city means a wealthier city and a city that will be at ease with itself!"

The following candidates are standing for the Community Action Party in the elections in 2012. :-

Michael Moulding for Salford Mayor
Matt Andrews for Claremont ward
Gillian Welsh for Pendlebury ward
Jo Russell for Weaste & Seedley Ward
Geoff Ashall for Swinton South ward
Michael Moulding for Swinton North ward. END


92 Wyndham Avenue, Clifton, M27 6PY

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