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Confusion, Deception or dishonesty ? - You decide !


Since the Mayoral referendum has been triggered in the city of Salford Councillor Merry has been responsible for alleging the costs associated with the referendum have changed 5 times ! Yes not once, but twice, no not three times or four but has changed his mind five times ! And are we finished yet ?


So far Councillor Merry has released five sets of different figures as follows - £100,000, £150,000, £200,000, £350,000 and £400,000 !!


As Leader of the Council and as a councillor he has to abide by the members code of conduct which includes that he has to behave with integrity and honesty at all times.


So why have we had 5 sets of figures ? The mayoral Alliance obtained a Labour party strategy document sent to the English Democrats by mistake - how stupid can you get ? This document clearly states that the labour party will be using a strategy along with others, to use the costs associated with the referendum as a reason for people to vote NO.


The referendum has been triggered so it has to be paid for nomatter what so why are Labour using costs and not debating the merits or not of a mayoral system ? Maybe they have little other arguments against so they use costs as a reason instead.


So if this is their main line of attack to persuade people to vote NO would it then not be in their interests to exagerate the costs, make up ficticious dates for elections to increase costs and to withold information like any mayoral election will be held at the same time as the local elections which are taking place anyway so any mayoral election costs are drastically reduced ?


Why would a Leader of the Council try to apply the costs of the local elections onto a Mayoral election to increase drastically the mayoral referendum/elections costs when the local elections are taking place anyway ?


Why would Councillor Merry as leader of the Council tell the Manchester Evening News that any mayoral election would take place on its own in October 2012 thereby the costs of holding such an event added to a referendum, yet, the council decided within 1 week of that disclosure that in fact any mayoral election would take place at the same time as the local elections ?


It is clear the referendum costs have been exagerated and any mayoral election costs have been significantly exagerated. The unfortunate thing about all this nonsence is that the pro-labour press print this diatribe as fact in their newspapers and articles (online) because this unelected, untested so-called Leader of the council says its fact !


The referendum that has been triggered means that in the event of a YES vote there is no leader from next May and there will be a Mayor. Why is this man able to say such diatribe and its printed as fact when it is clear he is in a position where he is fighting for his political life ?   

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