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On a previous blog I have included our parties general manifesto, which will have to be amended to reflect the Mayoral elections in Salford. As our party will be definately standing in the local elections we will have to present a set of radical policies to the electorate.


The Community Action Party was part of The Mayoral Alliance and out of the two parties that participated, despite our party deliberately not taking the limelight on our television screens (see previous blogs) it was our party that made the greatest contribution in achieving a YES vote for the city.


The Community Action Party as an inclusive party had reached an agreement with our "Alliance" partners that they would support The Community Action Party nomination. As it turns out I have been nominated to stand in the Mayoral elections for my party, and hence as agreed for The Mayoral Alliance.


Our party was never going to support an alternative candidate from what is perceived to be a far-right racist party. To show inclusiveness and to allow our "Alliance" partners the opportunity to start the process of improving its image electorally we were happy to co-operate in the cities interest and work with them to support our inclusiveness.


It became clear our partners were breaching the agreement that was reached. behind the scenes in their own party they were making preparations to have their own candidate within the "Alliance" as a disguise to the electorate from their parties perceived far-right racist views.


We terminated the arrangement immediately.


The Community Action Party have nominated myself as the candidate. They want me to stand for our party either in or out of the "Alliance" as they belive I am the best candidate. The CAP are fully aware of my previous political history and the false allegations that circulate.


Our "Alliance" partners have dredged false allegations up from the past and proclaimed them as fact. A very serious eror of judgement as the person concerned has already started to retrect his remarks, remove posts where they made serious allegations which I hold copies of but no doubt my opponents will do all they can to try and gain political capital out of it all.


Very complimentary indeed. It is clear that my sudden rise in Salford politics has meant that forces have been at work. people are busily digging for what they can for fragments of my political history in the hope they can dredge something up and it has already started.


I was a very strong opponent of a Labour Council that was proven to be CORRUPT. Land  deals on Preston docks "Operation Angel" where Labour councillors were involved in corruption. Another land deal that was being arranged (see previous blogs) involving Preston Bus station I stood up to the Labour Preston leader where he failed to declare a pecuniary interest as a director in dealings about demolishing the bus station which they wanted to do and I was of only a handful of councillors that prevented its demolition.


Within my own party I stood up to my corrupt leader within the party and disgusting leader in private who was convicted of sexual offence (see previous blogs) but as a result of a travesty it ended my political career at that time.


I made mistakes. No-one is perfect including myself but as an ex Fraud Officer for the DWP and the INland Revenue and in my profession described as a purist first and foremost I am anti-corruption. If there is corruption I will find it and given the chance that includes in Salford Council.


I will consider my position and let you all know asap. 

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