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The Liberal Democrats have announced their candidate for the mayoral election as being Councillor Norman Owen, local councillor for Claremont ward which covers part of Swinton.


I am totally aghast at their selection. Councillor Norman Owen vociferously campaigned for a NO vote with the Salford Labour Party. Salford Lib Dems and Salford Labour fighting side by side saying Salford does not need fixing.


Councillor Owen is on public record as saying Salford does not need fixing ! In the mayoral referendum debate he sat side by side with Councillor John Merry, the Leader of Salford Council and said Salford does not need fixing in his and all their efforts to persuade our city to vote NO. Councillor Owen went onto Salford City Radio to try and persuade listeners to vote NO in his belief that Salford does not need fixing.


The Community Action Party in Salford/SWinton delivered nearly 20,000 leaflets urging Councillor Merry the Leader of the incompetent Salford Council to resign because of his mismanagement of the city. Councillor Merry took no notice of my advise but in not doing so he couldnt even achieve the mayoral candidature from his own party in Salford. They chose someone else.


Clearly Labour Party supporters felt as we did that Councillor Merry was not up to the job.


So now Councillor Owen has come out slating Salford Labour, yet only a few short weeks ago he said "Salford does not need fixing!" Salford's Liberal DEmocrats for the past two years have failed to submit an alternative budget to Salford Council and in recent years the number of councillor's has reduced to an all time low to such an extent that Councillor Owen will probably be not able to hold his council seat in this May's local elections.


Is it any surprise when such a figure clearly demonstrates such hypocrisy to the the electorate. What a sad reflection of the opposition in our city !  

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