Local Elections for CAP Salford 2012 Pendlebury ward

Published on by mikemouldingcommunity-action

Result for Pendlebury 2012 Local elections

Lib Dem - 119 4.66%
Greens - 129 5.05%
Conservative - 396 15.51%
BNP - 240 9.4 %
Labour - 1496 58.57%
CAP - 174 6.81%

Due to a lack of footsoldiers we could not commit anywhere near in Pendlebury as we did in Swinton North. In fact, only 60% of the electorate got a single leaflet in Pendelbury during the election campaign from CAP. Therefore, the result is good for CAP as we have a solid base of support. Our efforts will increase in Pendelbury from now until 2014 elections and therefore we will achieve a comfortable second in 2014. Footsoldiers will be concentrated more in Pendlebury to secure 2nd here in 2014 also.

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