Letter to Wigan Evening Post - 14/11/2012

Published on by mikemouldingcommunity-action

Dear Editor,
Having attended for the first time, the meeting of Wigan Council dated the 7th November, to watch proceedings and in response to your articles in the WEP on the 13th November, I am somewhat flabbergasted not only by the conduct of the meeting but by the Labour Group's hypocrisy.
The meeting was a farce with Nazi insults, Councillor walk-outs and finger-wagging at each other, I think the main decision that was made at the meeting was that any future Council meetings cannot be recorded. So much for democracy and engaging the public. It was an embarrassing spectacle.
However, as your readers know our party is actively campaigning against the governments welfare reform agenda, trying to save Disability Living Allowance from being abolished and now having the Welfare Reform Act 2012 repealled. But to see Labour Councillor's condemn the government on welfare cuts at the same time as Wigan being a "Pathfinder Authority" and Wigan Council being classed as "partners" by government, meaning the cuts they were condemning are being brought forward in Wigan, by 6 months via Universal Credit is quite astonishing.
Yours Sincerely
Michael Moulding, Deputy Leader, Community Action Party, 92 Wyndham Avenue, Clifton, M27 6PY Tel No - 0161 7948483

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