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Dear Editor,
The letter "Lib Dems should be ashamed" Wigan Evening Post, Sept 22nd from "BK12 via website" clearly illustrates the terrible problem faced with all Liberal Democrats because of the appalling conduct of the Liberal Democrat Party led by Nick Clegg in government.
Many good Liberal Democrat councillors in their thousands who do not share Nick Clegg's values are being removed from office in many Councils all over the country. For a national leader to be ridiculed in the way Nick Clegg has been following his apology, which few believed and most students where aghast at, following the tuition fees debacle, means Nick Clegg must go for many good Liberal Democrat councillor's to survive.
If the Lib Dem party rank & file continue to support their leader in propping up this disastrous government that is doing so much damage to our country, then the party will be wiped out for a generation.
Michael Moulding
Deputy Leader,
Community Action Party
92 Wyndham Avenue
M27 6PY
Tel No - 0161 7948483

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A.P. 09/24/2012 14:59

Well said , Mike