Letter to Wigan Evening Post

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Dear Editor,


I am writing in response to your article published on the 13th September 2012 about the £6 million pound "facelift" being given to Wigan Town Hall. It is clear the decision made by Wigan Council to relocate services to a central location will result in many area's of Wigan being denied services in the heart of their communities and this is an unfortunate example of Wigan Council removing themselves away into a central location from the communities they are suppose to serve. Also, many ex-Council workers who have lost their jobs because of "alleged" cuts and current Council workers worried about losing their jobs will wonder how on earth can Wigan Council find £6 millions for a "Facelift" of their town hall but yet Wigan Council workers are losing their jobs because of "alleged" cuts ? Wigan Council's priorities do not add up !


Yours Sincerely


Michael Moulding

Deputy Leader

Community Action Party

92 Wyndham Avenue


M27 6PY


Tel No - 0161 7948483

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Anti- Politician 09/18/2012 09:54

Another disgraceful scandal.
It's as bad as Salford Clouncil wasting money on the Greengate fountain , and still bunging Spicer an obscene amount of OUR money .I understood a Chief Executive would not be required once a Mayor
was elected . Why was she retained ? This lot want booting out ASAP.

mikemouldingcommunity-action 09/21/2012 17:26

Shes paid an astonishing £200 K PA ! lol Its a joke !