Letter to the Salford Advertiser

Published on by mikemouldingcommunity-action

Dear Editor,


The comments made by Labour MP Graham Stringer (Advertiser 19/07/2012) supporting an even higher salary for Salford's Mayor than the £69,000 Salford Council have offered him is an absolute joke. Ian Stewart says he will do the job, promise little and deliver more, and stand up for the values of Salford people ? Well, Mr Stewarts values have well and truly been exposed this week when Mr Stewart has been condemned by many for the extortionate salary that he has been offered and is apparently taking ? Mr Stringer is right though, this new system of local government easily exposes values of those in power and as a result if we dont like those values we can vote the person out. Do not blame the Mayoral system for the extortionate salary one intends to take ? He could have taken much less and has failed to do so.


Michael Moulding, Deputy Leader, Community Action Party, 92 Wyndham Avenue, Clifton, M27 6PY. Tel No - 0161 7948483

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Comment on this post

Anti-Politician 09/10/2012 13:45

Spot on , Peter

Peter Davies 07/26/2012 14:00

Who is Graham Stringer that he feels he must make a statement about the Mayors salary, He is raley seen in Broughton who is supposed to represent, Go bak to Manchester
Graham and let Salford People get on with running Salford.

mikemouldingcommunity-action 07/26/2012 14:24

Correct Peter.

Anti-Politician 07/25/2012 11:07

Stringer is a waste of oxygen , like the rest of the useless , inept , self-serving Bullsh*tters .

mikemouldingcommunity-action 07/26/2012 14:24

Agreed lol