Letter to Salford Advertiser

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Dear Editor,


I am extremely concerned about the television programme "Neighbourhood Watched" by Raw Television for the BBC as highlighted in the Advertiser 16/08/2012 which spotlighted our very own City West Housing Trust in West Salford and its staff and some tenants. It also showed the work of New Charter Housing based in Tameside.


The first programme that went out on the same day clearly concentrated on two individuals that the majority of people would agree that they were living with mental health and/or learning disability issues. The housing providers in the programme state that they do not breach Data Protection Laws but whilst these two individuals may have consented to being filmed for the programme, where one lady clearly was struggling to look after herself on a day to day basis, the other gentleman described as "eccentric" in the programme perpetrating anti-social behaviour - I believe it is morally wrong whether these persons consented or not to go ahead and film their struggles or wrong doing for the nation to see.


It is irrresponsible of both housing providers to do so for many reasons, including the clear vulnerability of at least one of the persons concerned.


Michael Moulding, 92 Wyndham Avenue, Clifton, M27 6PY Tel No - 0161 7948483

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