Letter to Lancashire Evening Post - Preston Bus Station 18/09/2013

Published on by Mike Moulding

Dear Editor,
I have read with interest your front page story "City Parade for Preston" Tuesday 17th September regarding Preston's iconic bus station.
I urge every single Prestonian who value's the cities heritage to attend the march and send a clear message to those who have been hell-bent on demolishing the bus station for well over a decade.
As a former Councillor for the Moor Park ward from 1998 to 2002 I am proud to say I was one of only four Councillor's that voted to accept the recommendation from English Heritage to support Grade 2 listed status. I broke my parties Liberal Democrat whip to vote for its preservation with other independent Councillors.
We were told over a decade ago the bus station listing would put at risk Preston's future, jeopardise the Tithebarn Project and lumber the city with a costly unwanted building.
Over a decade later, the Tithebarn Project has collapsed, costing the cities taxpayers millions in a failed grandiose plan and much needed external investment for the bus station, which listing status would have secured was lost. A decade of complete failure.
As a Proud Prestonian, I was absolutely thrilled to bits to witness on our television screens in 2012, not only the city celebrating Preston Guild in terrific style but also witnessing the magnificent scenes of Preston Passion at our iconic bus station celebrating Christianity and Preston's wonderful diversity.
The irony of all this is that if Preston City Council had got its way, Preston Bus Station would be no more. It would have been demolished at vast public expense destroying a building with clear and distinctive architectural merit which I know, the majority of Prestonians cherish.
Yours Sincerely
Michael Moulding

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