Letter sent to Wigan Evening Post 2nd Feb 2013

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Dear Editor,
I am writing in response to your editorial in "OurView" Wigan Evening Post Fri 1st Feb "Council Tax Rise Tough". Those words could have been removed straight from David Cameron's lips, as the ConDems continue their onslaught against the most vulnerable in society at the same time reducing the top rate of tax for multi-millionaires.
The day before your article, BBC news highlighted a story of an unwell single lady crying on national television, as she contemplates how she is going to exist in 21st century Britain on her meagre hand outs, whilst many ridicule her as a benefits scrounger ? The Prime Minister ought to be thoroughly ashamed of himself.
However, whilst it is wrong for government to give priority to multi-millionaires and to make cuts in Council Tax Benefit Support which protect the most vulnerable in society, it is wrong of Wigan Council to pass on this cut, knowing full well the most vulnerable in Wigan will be hit the hardest.
Many in Wigan who received 100% support in Council Tax Benefit, will now find themselves having to find several hundred pounds per year, on top of "The Bedroom Tax", cuts in benefits and a 5.6% rent increase.
Two wrongs do not make a right. Many Councils found savings and efficiencies to absorb the cut so their vulnerable will not be hit. Wigan Council have chosen to pass on this cut at the full amount and also increase Council Tax, refusing the governments support to freeze it for another year.
Therefore, once again, I do find myself on the wrong side of your editorial because I do not believe Wigan Council should be excused. Words of sentiment may sound nice but the harsh reality is that Wigan Council is only too happy to increase Council Tax, increase rents and implement cuts in support which protected the vulnerable in Wigan.
Best wishes
Michael Moulding, Deputy Leader, Community Action Party

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