Letter sent to WEP 28/06/2013 - The Pines

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Dear Editor,
I am writing in response to your front page article WEP 28th June 2013, "£2M Community Group Cash Bonanza." 
I am absolutely appalled at Labour-controlled Wigan Council's conduct. Wigan Council has recently announced the closure of The Pines, Kitt Green, a home for over 20 people living with severe disability and also providing respite care.
Whilst I welcome investment in local communities, I cannot imagine what the families of the residents of The Pines are thinking after reading this article ?
The Council alleges in kicking severely disabled people out of their much loved home, that one of the reasons for the closure is that the building needs up to £250,000 to bring it up to standard ?
This figure has been seriously questioned by campaigners but lets say this is true ?
Wigan Council announces a £2 millions cash bonanza to spend in local communities at the same time they intend to kick 24 severely disabled people out of their home ?
Everyone associated with Wigan Council should hang their heads in shame.
Michael Moulding, Deputy Leader, Community Action Party

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Scott McKie 06/30/2013 00:05

The letter ends "......everyone associated with this idea should hang their heads in shame" the last 2 words are un-needed.