Letter published WEP - 8/07/2013 The Pines

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Dear Editor,
The next full meeting of Wigan Council is on July 17th and I fear local democracy in Wigan is going to be taken to "recent" new lows.
As reported in the WEP in various reports, it is planned by opposition Councillor's at this meeting to attempt to start the process of the removal of the Chief Executive of Wigan Council.
This trouble-making attempt has as much chance of success as Shergar winning The Grand National.
My fear is that whilst Wigan's Community Action Party is campaigning throughout the Borough for increased prosperity, jobs and tourism with our campaign to elevate the Borough to "city status", others are doing a very good job of bringing the Borough into disrepute.
I find that local democracy has already stooped to a new low when I find that opposition Councillors would attempt at something that is clearly going to bring the proceedings of a Council meeting to a farce than represent severely disabled residents, whose home is at risk - The Pines - because the process of closure has commenced by Wigan Council and their voices will not be heard at this meeting ?
Yours Sincerely
Michael Moulding, Deputy Leader, Community Action Party

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