Lancaster House

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On Monday 1st August 2011 Salford City Council are deciding whether to close from September 2011 Lancaster House, a single mens homeless hostel in the city. Lancaster House provides temporary accommodation for single homeless men and provides them with support to achieve the aim of independant living and permanent rehousing.


Local council's are only obliged to provide temporary accommodation to single homeless people in priority need. Many residents of lancaster House are homeless residents not in priority need so legally could be roofless as well as homeless. Also, closing this hostel will mean a reduction in beds for homeless people in Salford which means that street homelessness will increase.


For over 10 years I have helped, supported in many different ways homeless people in Liverpool, manchester, preston, Stockport, Tameside and others and occasionally on my travels I get stopped by someone who remembers me but as I have helped thousands in my time I cannot remember each and every single one of them !


Homelessness can happen to anyone  through no fault of their own - I say "there for the grace of god go I" and in fact I have been homeless myself due to a relationship breakdown.


I was lucky to get rehoused as then it was in a time of plenty but due to reasons out of our control more and more people will struggle to get the help and support they need.


I am strongly opposed to the closure of Lancaster House for many reasons. The closure of this hostel is an attack on the most vulnerable in society. I will be attanding the protest March to help keep the hostel open and the "Save Lancaster House" campaign team have done a wonderful job for a very good cause !  

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