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Dear Editor,
I want to thank the Wigan Observer for respectfully highlighting the plight of residents who live in or around un-adopted roads, in particularly Ladysmith Avenue, Ashton as published on Tues 11th June.
Residents who live in these streets pay the same amount of Council tax as anyone else, in some cases, a considerable amount. Yet, as with Ladysmith Avenue and many other un-adopted streets, decades of lack of maintenance has left many in conditions which are now a clear health & safety hazard. The picture published by the Observer last week was a clear example.
I cringe to think what could happen if an elderly person, an individual living with blindness or a wheelchair user found it necessary to use some of these unsafe streets ?
In my investigations, I have established that Wigan Council has no strategy for the monitoring and maintenance/support of un-adopted streets. I accept there may be added complications of ownership etc but it is complete irresponsibility on the behalf of the local authority to allow some streets to reach conditions which pose a clear risk to safety ?
Many streets which are un-adopted have to be made to an adoptable standard before adoption can take place as this is the policy of Wigan Council. This means many streets, despite their appalling condition and clear risk to safety, will never be adopted because of the enormous costs involved.
In the meantime, un-adopted streets continue to be used, lived in, many in a state of disrepair because of decades of neglect and a local authority that refuses to lead by example by failing to have a strategy that ensures un-adopted roads are monitored and modest assistance is given to keep them safe ? I hope Wigan Council is able to explain why no strategy is in place for un-adopted streets and roads in our Borough which means they are monitored and supported ?
I hope the ward Councillors for Ladysmith Avenue are able to offer the residents some hope that Wigan Council can provide them with some real help ?
Yours Sincerely
Michael Moulding, Deputy Leader, Community Action Party

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Ruth Kerr 06/29/2013 12:11

I doubt if the point that living on unscripted roads yet paying the same in council tax will ever be taken into consideration. When it's first incarnation, poll tax, was introduced, hundreds of
families were out of pocket. They lived in tied houses rent and rates free as part of the remuneration for a householders employment but suddenly had a new bill to pay. They were for the most part
people in rural livelihoods. Many people living in rural areas have no roads, pavements, lighting and transport their bins for collection. I suspect the local government would say the receive the
benefit of their council tax when they visit local places that do have those services; in the same way that we contribute to the NHS but may never use it, they contribute to those loc a l services.
More worryingly, they live 1+ hours from emergency service support and may very much need it but suffer regardless.