Labour's immoral position on "The Bedroom Tax."

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The Labour Party have said if they win the general election they will abolish the bedroom tax. Of course, I fully support this.
However, hundreds of thousands of people are suffering because of the bedroom tax now. A few were in such despair they felt they had no choice but to commit suicide.
Even though this vicious government introduced this policy there is a lot that can be done by local councils to, significantly reduce and remove the effects of the bedroom tax on its victims and could be done today.
Examples of what every local Council, no matter what colour they are of what CAN be done NOW :-
Each Council could have guaranteed that no-one affected by the Bedroom Tax be evicted.
Each Council could have bent the rules for bedroom tax victims and reclassify all its properties to reduce the number of spare rooms. Whats good for rich Tax Avoiders is good for poor bedroom tax victims as far as I am concerned.
Each Council could have reduced rents because lower rents means lower bedroom tax.
Each Council could have found extra money to top up government subsidy to ensure all bedroom tax victims were not affected.
I will give credit to JUST TWO Councils in the whole of the UK who have acted.
Leeds Council controlled by Labour reclassified their properties, ignored a threat by Lord Freud and reimbursed all its bedroom tax victims.
Then, why oh why, if Labour are so upset by the effects of the bedroom tax on its victims then why have the hundreds of Labour controlled councils done absolutely nothing to help its victims and why have they not followed the example of their own Leeds City Council ?
Brighton Council, the one and only Council controlled by the Green Party gave a public guarantee that no-one will be evicted from their home as a result of the Bedroom Tax.
I welcome Labour's declaration that they will abolish the bedroom tax if elected in 2015, but you have to ask the question -
It seems it to me and as so many people are suffering NOW when so much can be done to help NOW I find this morally reprehensible.

Just to let you know I am a fully qualified Homelessness Assessment Officer and Supported Housing Officer. - Mike

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Gillian Miller 09/22/2013 15:24

Mike, it is one thing to be on the opposite side of the Commons and another to be in power. I expect lots of promises and for Labour to keep whatever they want eg PIP & the Bedroom Tax. Let's
all remember that Maggie Thatcher was removed as Prime Minister because the country didn't like her policies. Yet Blair introduced those same policies and not a word was said.

I have spent time in social services as an administrator and with a charity for homeless people. Many of them have mental health issues and I have watched them fall through every single safety net
unless they were in care.

The poor and vulnerable are a small proportion of the voters and, even though the number of elderly are growing, they are less likely to vote. So, to bring the numbers up, each party brings in
immigrants who are of no benefit to the community for their votes. Their benefits have to be met somehow so we lose out. This is not a racist view point, my children, husband and I have always had
friends from around the world who have come here and want to be here. What none of us want is this uncontrolled immigration where criminals cannot be deported because their rape victim kept their
baby or the gangs of Eastern Europeans who come here to shop lift or steal credit cards. Obviously, not all do but the uncontrolled entry and their right to claim huge amounts of child benefit is
of concern. Riots and criminal damage, attacks on our fire fighters and police. Our rates and taxes go up with less to show for it. Our communities used to help each other and fewer people now wish
to be involved (I do voluntary work and see this.)

We cannot turn the clock back but we can make more effort to protect those that need it, feed the hungry children here in the UK and ensure that the disabled and elderly can make their bills.