Labour in a mess over Elected-Mayors !

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The mayoral Alliance partners of my party, The Community Action Party, The English Democrats North-West, led by Stephen Morris are distributing literature in wards of Salford (little Hulton, Walkden North & South and others) telling Labour supporters that voting YES on the 26th January 2012 in the forthcoming mayoral referendum, they will be actually supporting labour Party policy.


In fact, I will predict in the event of a YES vote in Salford, even though manchester have to hold a referendum in May 2012 for the same concept, they will in fact revert without a referendum to a directly-elected mayor system of local government ? Why ? because it is a Labour council supporting Labour Party policy.


Both Salford Labour MP's support the concept. Both hazel Blears and Barabar Keeley are on public record supporting directtly-elected mayors but not in their backyard. So once strong advocates are now against it but only in Salford ! They make me laugh !


From John Warmisham's (Salford Labour councillor) blog as follows :-


“We are proud to have belonged to a Government that gave people the right to decide on a directly-elected mayor. Believing that people should have a choice does not mean that it should be in favour no matter when or where.”
Ms Blears added: “I remain in favour of elected mayors but believe they are most effective when they cover large areas such as Greater London,  Quote Hazel Blears.


How desperate can you get from an ex-government minister that actually tried to loosen the legislation to make it easier to trigger referendums for elected-mayors and now out of government she says she does not want it in her own backyard.


Utter hypocrisy from a MP that clearly some people lacks moral fibre when she was ridiculed by having to return MP's expenses because she was caught out. Well, am afraid they have been caught out again.


We and I support this system and we support Labour Party policy !!!!


Michael Moulding, The Community Action Party


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