Join us at CAP !

Published on by mikemouldingcommunity-action

The Community Action Party will be holding its first meeting after the elections in June (date to be confirmed). We are needing/seeking new members and more candidates. You can apply to be one or both. Being a member means you can have a say and influence our decision-making, be on the executive do as little as you want really or you can be more involved if you want to be and even be a candidate. I know the next elections are a bit off ie 2014 but preparations will be made in next few months. To join us is very cheap. £12.00 for a single membership or £18.00 for a family unit. WE value all members from all sections of the community. We are fundamentally an anti-discriminatory/prejudice group of any sort. If you are interested in joining us and want to be part of what we do inbox for further details. Remember - joining us does not mean any commitment. You can do as little or as much as you want in the way you want. Those that have ambitions join us. I have considersble political experience and your journey just may end up you becoming a Councillor in good time ! Many thanksEmail me at for further details. Anywhere in the country. We are a uk wide political party.

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