John Merry has gone and good riddance !

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I on behalf of The Community Action Party campaigned for a YES vote for the city to have a directly elected mayor. The city voted YES. I had many reasons why I campaigned hard for a YES vote as stated in previous blogs one being I believe in the system and another reason is I called for John Merry to resign.


Well, he didnt listen to me but in not doing so it seems The Labour Party have kicked him out instead. Ian Stewart wins the Labour nomination.


Well, it does seem to be going very badly for Swinton's No 1 politician Derek Antrobus.


Not only has he betrayed Swinton in his lust to stay in power but it was Antrobus' miserable strategy which was leaked to the YES team that let his party down as the city voted YES and not to be beaten he backed Merry to be the Labour's nomination for Mayor. He failed again.


No doubt we will hear Merry's swansong, his alleged legacy down Salford Quays etc etc. His real legacy is a city of failure, high crime, serious deprivation, hundreds of millions debt and outer townships like SWinton abandoned.


I wish Mr Merry well. His time was up as I predicted and now its time for Swinton North to kick out Antrobus who has just been as bad for Swinton as Merry was for our city.

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