Grass Roots Political Movement Makes its Mark - Manchester Gazette 29/11/2012

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A grass roots political movement in Wigan is making its mark at a national level in opposing the Conservative/Lib Dem Coalition governments welfare reform agenda.


The Community Action Party which is based in Wigan, Lancashire, has taken on the government in opposing what they say are “savage welfare cuts that punish the sick and disabled unfairly.” At present, the Community Action Party have no Councillors or elected representatives and the party is managed by grass roots residents who are opposed to the governments welfare plans and say the Labour Party are not an alternative because they say they are complicit in the governments plans.


They say the evidence of this is in Wigan itself, where the Labour-controlled Wigan Council are participating with the ConDems as a “pathfinder authority” for the new Universal Credit from April 2013 instead of the national roll out from October 2013. In Wigan being used as a “pathfinder authority”, the Labour Leader of Wigan Council Lord Peter Smith, Baron of Leigh has admitted in local media many families in Wigan will be worse off.


The Community Action Party has submitted two epetitions on an official government website which if they achieve 100,000 signatures will force Parliament to debate the petitions. They say both petitions have gone viral and are attracting supporters nationwide.


The Community Action Party are opposed to the abolition of Disability Living Allowance for Personal Independence Payments, as they say over 500,000 disabled people will be worse. This petition has currently well over 16,000 signatures and will run until September 2013.


A second petition submitted calls for the Repeal of the Welfare Reform Act 2012, which after only a few days has attracted over 2,500 signatures and expires late in 2013. The Community Action Party says a range of welfare changes being brought in will cause “immense suffering, hardship, poverty, homelessness and even death.”


Peter Franzen, Leader of the Community Action Party says “We are fundamentally opposed to punitive, draconian and savage cuts which target the most vulnerable in society. Being a minor political party, its limited what we can do but clearly our opposition to the governments plans is getting widespread support, especially when ordinary people are seeing a Labour Party doing very little, if anything, to stop and derail the ConDems savage attacks on vulnerable people.”


“We urge everyone to sign our petitions. We need to reach 100,000 signatures on both petitions as soon as possible. This will send a clear message to government their welfare plans are unfair and lack support.”


To sign the petitions click the links :- - “Stop the Abolition of Disability Living Allowance for Personal Independence Payments” - “Repeal the Welfare Reform Act 2012″!/COMMUNITYACTIONPTY - To follow the Community Action Party on Facebook


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