Fracking - Letter published Wigan Observer 13/08/2013

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Dear Editor,
The Wigan Observer/WEP have rightly highlighted the issues of fracking, its potential benefits and its potential problems.
There are very real environmental concerns with fracking. A minor earth tremor cannot be compared to a pot hole, a street lamp going out or a traffic jam. As a result of fracking a minor earth tremor recently occurred in Blackpool. This is a clear warning from planet earth on what we are doing to the earth in that location, is it not ?
The vast quantities of water that is required for fracking is immense. People everywhere because they care for the environment use water wisely and collect rainwater. I use the same water more than once and we are being asked to support a process where tens of millions of litres are used for fracking, which then becomes contaminated and then has to be disposed of and cleaned.
There is a real risk of water and environmental contamination.
Where fracking sites exist local communities will be adversely affected and in my opinion with the consequence of a reduction in the value of peoples homes ?
I am no tree hugger but I do care for the environment with proven life time sacrifices. I cannot help but feel that fracking is the last desperate act to extract from earth the very last drop of oil and gas from our lands but at what cost to local communities and the environment many and I care about ?
In times of austerity, it is incomprehensible that it is intended by government to give huge tax breaks to fracking companies.
Fracking is a product of a consumption society and until we consume less earths problems will not be resolved. 
Michael Moulding

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