Fracking - Letter published Wigan Evening Post - 15/08/2013

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Dear Editor,

I am writing in relation to your article WEP 13th Aug 2013 "Cameron Back Tracks on Fracking."
Wigan's Community Action Party has a long-standing commitment to oppose environmental pollution and climate change which are values I have supported throughout my lifetime.
I have established that this pro-fracking Tory-led government are proceeding with issuing licences for shale gas exploration on top of the fact that the Chancellor has announced huge tax breaks for fracking companies in times of austerity.
This has been done when in a parliamentary report available in the House of Commons library dated ONLY 13th August 2013, titled "Shale Gas and Fracking" the government has no evidential reports or studies into the effects of shale gas extraction on climate change or indeed whether it would result in the UK not meeting its legally binding emissions targets or its commitment to limit global warming to below two degrees celsius.
The effects of climate change on the world, especially the under-developed world cannot be ignored as the consequences are devastating for those affected by its impact.
The adverse impact of fracking on local communities where it takes place cannot and will not be supported by myself. There is evidence that fracking sites is linked to peoples properties suffering a devaluation, which will not be a factor for consideration by the local planning authority.
Michael Moulding, Deputy Leader, Community Action Party

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