Does Salford need fixing ?

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Today, Stephen Morris from the English Democrats NW attended an interview with Hazel Blears MP on The Politics Show to be screened on Sunday at 12.00 noon about the mayoral referendum in the city of Salford as to whether the city is to have a directly-elected mayor or not.


Stephen who involves himself on local issues because he cares about his home town of Swinton and his home city of Salford and does this voluntary was faced with having to be on national television being questioned by professional tv presenters and debating with trained career politicians.


In my opinion this was Salford Labour's last throw of the dice and I advised Stephen nomatter what Hazel Blears would use the opportunity to plea to the people of the city not to support the plans and true to form she did proclaiming Salford people will use their commonsense and throw these plans out.


Hazel Blears in defence of the status quo said Salford does not need fixing implying therefore Salford does not need  change.


However, Stephen Morris excellently replied at the end by saying Salford does need fixing because the city council is £600 million pounds in debt and crime is above the national average.


Mrs Blears also tried to ridicule The Mayoral Alliances plans to cut Council Tax in Salford by scaremongering when she knows that we have explained that everyones Council Tax can be cut by cutting the massive regeneration budget that supports "white elephant's" like Media City UK where 26 jobs only were created for local people out of thousands available.


So I ask myself the question does Salford need fixing ? I believe it does ! These are my reasons :-


1) Salford City Council is £600 million in debt where huge sums are paid every year in interest payments alone which could be spent on essential frontline services.


2) Crime is above the national average of the United Kingdom. IE On average there is more crime in our city than the majority of towns and cities in the UK. In 2011 we had the Salford riots and the year finished off with the most henious crime ever committed in the city with the killing of Anuj Bidve.


3) Council Tax in Salford is higher than any of the six neighbouring Council's in Greater Manchester. IE we pay the most.


4) Tens of millions of OUR money has been spent on "white elephants" like Media City UK and Salford Reds stadium where local people were promised jobs and opportunities and despite our city's investment very few if any have been forthcoming.


5) Salford Labour want our city controlled by a Greater Manchester Mayor.


6) The current regime have brought national ridicule of our city, on TV screens, national newspapers and TV celebrities and famous people ridiculing our city nationwide. 


7) The £35 million pounds Chapel Street fiasco.


8) Our money wasted on The Langworthy Hotel (£410,000), the pink ice rink (£500,000), Proms in the Park (£500,000), and millions more wasted on pet projects.


9) Thousands of Salfordians being forced out of their homes in the name of regeneration when their homes are knocked down and rebuilt unecessarily and whole communities destroyed forever.


10) Most Salford Council spending takes place in "old" inner Salford and outer townships like Swinton, Eccles, Irlam, Cadishead, Walkden, Worsley and others receive little or no additional council spending meaning these area's and townships are deteriorating through this lack of investment.



Does Salford need fixing ? In my opinion YES it does !

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