Disability Living Allowance - Letter to Caroline Lucas MP The Green Party 28/08/2013

Published on by Mike Moulding

Dear Caroline Lucas MP, The Green Party of England & Wales.
Firstly, can I congratulate you on your act of civil disobedience in your opposition to fracking, which I fully support and found inspirational.
I am writing to you regarding the abolition of Disability Living Allowance for Personal Independence Payments.
I intend to write also to George Galloway MP, Respect Party, whom I also admire about this subject.
My communication to you is to be sent to approximately 140,000 people throughout the United Kingdom and beyond via Causes who has supported my campaign to keep Disability Living Allowance.
Once and if I receive a reply, it will be sent to all the campaign followers.
This communication to you is my personal observations on the subject.
I have personally watched many of your speeches and questions in Parliament and it has been no surprise to myself whatsoever, that you have opposed this ConDem government agenda for savage cuts. I know you have spoken that you believe the brunt of the cuts are being faced by some of the most vulnerable in society which have included the unemployed, those in poverty, the ill and those that live with disability.
I set up an official government epetition to stop the abolition of Disability Living Allowance for Personal Independence Payments.
Enclosed here is the petition link - http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/38182
The petition expires on the 5th September 2013 (8 days time).
You can see that the petition has collected the support of more than 49,000 signatures of support to date.
I am aware that Personal Independence Payments has now commenced for new claims and renewal claims but those receiving Disability Living Allowance for life will not have their claims reviewed until after 2015.
I am in no doubt whatsoever, that this is an election stunt by this government to minimise the effects on these cuts on severely disabled people until after the 2015 general election.
I also believe, this in part, has contributed to the fact that we could not achieve the 100,000 signatures required to have Parliament consider the petition.
Many will disagree with me, but whilst I genuinely believe your opposition to the cuts is real, I do not believe this to be true of The Labour Party. I believe their opposition is/was disingenuous.
I know the Labour Party held an opposition day debate calling for a cumulative impact assessment of the cuts on people living with disability, which was defeated.
However, I believe, this governments welfare cuts agenda was allowed to proceed in Parliament, relatively easily by the official opposition with only the official opposition voting against the reforms at the third and final stage of reading.
The Labour Party, in the unlikely event they return to government in 2015, have not committed to reverse any of the ConDem cuts and in my opinion will not do so.
I opposed the abolition of Disability Living Allowance because as an ex DWP worker at the Invalid Care Allowance Unit and within Fraud and this combined with my community activities over a 20 year period, I know what a difference Disability Living Allowance has made to disabled people in the UK, since its introduction.
Disability Living Allowance has made a massive positive impact to the lives of disabled people in the UK.
I do not and have never received this benefit myself.
The level of fraud to the number of claimant is extremely small. The governments own figures have said that less than 0.5% claims are fraudulent.
Therefore, if it is anticipated that several hundred thousand current claimants will either lose their benefit altogether or have their benefit reduced, this is being done by the government redefining the definition of disability for benefit purposes or lifting the qualifying criteria to ensure the government succeeds in ensuring the change results in the cuts in support they are seeking.
I am fully aware it is very limited what you can do to express your support to people living with disability in the UK in Parliament, who have expressed their anxiety in some numbers with the support our petition has been given and I am delighted that you are the first elected representative that I have contacted in relation to this matter.
I look forward to hearing from you in due course and your response will be sent to the campaign followers some 140,000 people.
On a personal note, I have found many of your campaigns, speeches, questions in Parliament, your opposition to Fracking, sexism in Parliament, the wearing of your T-shirt and others truly inspirational.
Best wishes
Michael Moulding

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amanda holton 09/03/2013 18:45

I have recently become disabled after working over 30 years and now I need some DLA it is no longer available what was I working all those years for. I worked for a council who dismissed me because
of my bad health so now I am unemployed and can not get a job because other employers wont take a chance. on me. please help d bring back the allowance cos the stress of not having a job does me no
good at all. thanks for reading this.