Dis-used buildings Ashton - Letter to Wigan Observer 21/05/2013

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Dear Editor,
I am writing to bring to your attention the dis-used state of three buildings in Ashton town centre, which not only pose a health and safety risk, but also do not reflect the very high standard of Ashton.
These three buildings concerned are dominant buildings situated on gateways into a thriving town which means they are letting the area down.
The former Rockleigh Hotel on Bolton Rd, which is now dis-used and in my opinion unsafe.
The former Ashton Police Station on Old Rd, which appears to be safe, at present, but is rapidly becoming an eyesore in the local vicinity.
The former Social Club/Fancy Dress adjacent to Albert St/Bolton Rd which is a complete eyesore.
Clearly, the former police station was the responsibility of Greater Manchester Police.
Wigan Council and the owners of these buildings need to sort these dis-used buildings out to ensure that they are all safe and brought back into use as quickly as possible, in keeping with the high standards of Ashton Town Centre.
Yours Sincerely
Michael Moulding, Deputy Leader, Community Action Party

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