Death of Margaret Thatcher - Letter to Wigan Evening Post.

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The following letter has been sent to the Wigan Evening Post following the death of Margaret Thatcher and Wigan Council's refusal to lower its flag to half mast in respect.


"I refer to the report in the Wigan Evening Post dated 19th April “Anger after Wigan council fails to lower flag for Thatcher”

It’s not often I say this but for once Wigan Council got it right and respected the feelings and views of the overwhelming majority of the people of the Borough by not flying the town hall flags at half mast.

To do so would have been an insult to the people of the Borough and to the families of millions more world wide who suffered and died as a result of the extreme right wing policies of the Thatcher government.

However I would have stopped short of extending any sympathy to her family and friends many of whom are greedy self serving money grabbing opportunists and fascists.

Those misguided individuals, such as Wigan Independent Paul Tushingham and Conservative Michael Winstanley who claim anger at Wigan Council’s refusal to pay tribute to Thatcher should reflect on her record and some of the devastating actions of her regime:

Privatising the UK’s vast North Sea oil and gas resources and squandering the tax revenues;

Destroying the British coal mining industry out of hatred for working people and the National Union of Mineworkers and making us dependent on unreliable foreign coal and gas imports;

Politicising the police and turning them into strike breaking thugs;

Smashing the UK’s manufacturing industries so that we are now dependent on China and other Asian countries for most of our manufactured goods;

Relaxing credit controls leading to boom and bust;

Introducing the iniquitous Poll Tax;

Attempting to control the economy by manipulating interest rates;

Increasing unemployment to 4 million;

Selling off the UK’s Council houses for a song;

Taking over and selling off the UK’s mutual and building societies;

Privatising the UK’s utility resources and industries such as gas, electricity, telecoms and water so that much of them are now foreign owned and the profits flow out of the UK;

Befriending and supporting fascist torturers and dictators such as the butcher of Chile General Pinochet and the mass murderer President Suhato of Indonesia who was responsible for the East Timor genocide and slaughtered 250,000 people;

Providing conventional, chemical and biological weapons to Saddam Hussein, and to other despots and feudal monarchs;

Sinking the Argentine cruiser General Belgrano 30 miles outside the Falklands war zone with the deaths of 400 crewmen, effectively scuttling any peace deal, leading to the deaths of yet more British forces;

Abolishing free school milk for children;

Nepotism and using her position to line the pockets of her family members with £millions;

Thatcher created a culture of violence, war, greed and selfishness that has been continued by her successors, Blair, Cameron and Clegg;

During and since her time in power Britain has been at war every single day;

We have seen massive rises in violent and drug crime, financial fraud and political corruption;

Many new greedy and crooked £millionaires have been created, notably in the non-productive armaments, banking and financial sectors.

Yes indeed we have a lot to remember Thatcher for.

I don’t celebrate her death but I believe the world would have been a much better place had she never been born.


Peter Franzen

Leader Community Action Party

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