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On behalf of the Community Action Party I have started campaigning in Clifton, Swinton & Pendlebury and have so far delivered about 7,000 leaflets.


I have had a fabulous response so far and have helped many people with their housing problems and will dedicate a full blog about some of the issues people have had to deal with at a later date.


All my work in the community is given voluntary by me, my time, the costs of the leaflets and seeing residents and trying to help sort any issues out on their behalf.


My sole aim is to use my experience for the benefit of others and if I am able to improve peoples lives as a result then that makes me a very happy man indeed !


Keep up to date by visiting my blog for my activities and my campaigns which am sure you will find of interest. I am still learning this blog stuff so pics etc will come along asap as my expertise grows.




Mike Moulding. The Community Action Party



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