Community Action Party slams Salford Labour's record on Salford's heritage !

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The Langworthy Hotel, Salford's Cranes, The Noah Robinson Monument, Salford's War Memorial's and the destruction of "real" Salford !

The Community Action Party in Salford has slammed Salford Labour's record in their extremely poor record in protecting Salford's heritage.

The Community Action Party believes the poor condition of some of Salford's heritage and its destruction is there to see in their appalling record in the city.

Salford Mayoral candidate for the Community Action Party Mike Moulding has highlighted the following as examples of Salford Labour's neglect :-

The Noah Robinson Monument, Swinton - known as the founding father of Swinton, once cared for by the Borough of Swinton & Pendlebury Council, has since its abolition has seen a significant deterioration where significant repairs are required to the monument.

The Langworthy Hotel, Salford - was purchased by Salford Council for hundreds of thousands of pounds only for it to be destroyed and demolished a few years later at extra cost to Salford taxpayers. As eloquently highlighted recently by Salfordonline one of the finest hostelry's in Salford.

Salford Cranes, Salford - At serious risk of being removed from Salford's waterfront due to alleged risks because of the lack of care in maintaining them.

Salford's War memorial's - Not adequately maintained where on many the names of the cities war dead cannot even be read and therefore remembered as individuals because of this lack of care.

Swinton Unitarian Burial Ground - A significant and historical burial ground in the heart of Swinton containing the grave of a World War 1 soldier and victims of the 1885 Clifton Pit disaster, which was in public ownership sold by Salford City Council into private ownership to help the Council balance its books, without the Council undertaking any research into who was buried there.

Mike Moulding, Community Action Party candidate for Swinton North and for Salford Mayor states "Salford Labour's record on Salford's heritage is appalling. They talk the talk but have been responsible for destroying Salford's heritage, neglecting it putting heritage sites at risk and leaving extremely important monuments in a serious state of disrepair."

Michael Moulding continues "Salford Labour insult Salford's War dead by NOT maintaining its War Memorials adequately enough where in some cases the names of the cities war heroes cannot even be read. Salford Labour even sold a burial ground containing a War Grave to help balance its books. How low can you get ?"

Community Campaigner in Pendlebury Gillian Welsh says "Senior Labour career politicians in Swinton proclaim to be local historians yet have an appalling record in neglecting Swinton's heritage. The Noah Robinson Monument is a fine example of their neglect for all to see !" END

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